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Android and CarPlay radios let you have more information on a dashboard screen, from life-long FM radio to YouTube videos or map apps.

Although most cars already include touchscreens on their dashboards, the growing number of second hand cars What is on the roads after the lockdowns has caused many people to have a new old car to get to and from work.

To give more functionality to these cars you can get a radio with Android or CarPlay to be able to use applications and also have a screen that you can manage while you are not driving.

Discover the best offers and discounts that you will find on Amazon, MediaMarkt, PcComponentes, El Corte Inglés and many more during Black Friday 2021.

These solutions are perfect for all kinds of cars. There are models with integrated Android and 7-inch screens. Both in sizes that occupy a single DIN, as those that occupy two DIN spaces of the dashboard.

You can get them on Amazon with free and fast shipping signing up for Prime. You can try it for free for 30 days without any kind of commitment since there is no permanence. If you are a student you can sign up for Prime Student: same advantages but with 3 months free trial and a 50% discount on the annual subscription.

With removable 7 “screen: Awesafe

Car Radio with 7 “Screen Awesafe at Amazon

A very popular car radio on Amazon with Android and with a 7-inch screen is this model of the brand Awesafe. Now it costs 209.09 euros.

It only occupies one DIN and its touch screen can be pulled out automatically when the car is started. When it is stored it looks like a normal radio. It also has a CD / DVD reader and a USB connection for USB flash drives with music.

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With 7 “and 2 DIN screen: ANKEWAY

ANKEWAY Touchscreen Radio at Amazon

The fixed 7-inch touchscreen radio from ANKEWAY It is a perfect option for those who have a car with two free DINs.

It has a large screen and Android installed to be able to do everything, from installing applications from the Google Play Store, listening to the FM radio, opening applications or Google Maps since it has GPS.

It accepts reversing cameras and even has the ability to record videos from these cameras. Its price is 127.49 euros on Amazon.

For Ford Models: Awesafe

Touchscreen Radio for Ford Awesafe

This Awesafe 7 Inch Touch Screen Radio It is compatible with most Ford cars from 2005 to 2007 to 2012. Perfect as a replacement for the original and occupies 2 DIN.

It has GPS to use with maps app, Bluetooth, FM radio, RDS, CD and DVD reader, as well as USB connection and SD card reader. It is compatible with rear cameras and has AV output for other displays in the car.

It is compatible with the Ford C-Max, Fiesta, Galaxy, Connect, Fusion, Kuga, S-Max, Focus, Mondeo and Transit.

With CarPlay and Android Auto: Sony XAV-AX8050D

Sony XAV-AX8050D at Amazon

One of the few options on sale during Black Friday is this radio Sony XAV-AX8050D. It is a model whose most important feature is that it is compatible with both Android mobiles and iPhones by having Android Auto and CarPlay integrated.

It has an 8.95-inch screen and occupies one DIN on the dashboard, although the screen is not hinged, although it can move slightly. It also has NFC, Bluetooth, and voice control. Its price is 415 euros on Amazon.

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