Geoff Keighley Updates Development Status of Hollow Knight: Silksong

Geoff Keighley Updates Development Status of Hollow Knight: Silksong


Geoff Keighley is, whether we like it or not, one of the most influential people in the current video game industry, and it currently seems that his event, the Summer Game Fest will replace (at least for this year) E3, in addition to The Game Awards has already become the most important award ceremony in the industry. This makes us assume that he must know a lot about certain projects that people are expecting a lot, especially after in the last year closed its event with the long-awaited Elden Ring gameplay trailer.

Right now we could name a lot of video games that people are looking forward to and about which we know very little, but if we had to choose one that would be, without a doubt, Hollow Knight: Silksongthe sequel to the famous metroidvania that amazed everyone back in 2017. As expected, Keighley knows something about this title, and although it is not much (at least according to what he himself has assured) this information has been shared in a recent interview for GameSpotwhich can be seen in its entirety on YouTube.

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The pandemic made quite a dent in the project

According to Geoff Keighley himself, Team Cherry was quite affected by the pandemicsomething that it has in common with all the studios, but in this case, since there are few people on the team, it seems to have been more noticeable in the development.

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The famous presenter has not commented much beyond them, but has claimed to be unaware of the state in which the project is located, so he has not been able to reveal much more information about this. Despite this, this little piece of information that he has given us makes us understand that the project can go a long way, and that we should not expect the release of Hollow Knight: Silksong in the short term. This is not pure mathit may be that in a few days a trailer with a release date will be shown and it will be for a few months, but due to these difficulties I would recommend that the expectations of seeing it this year be softened.

Despite all the bad readings that we can make, thanks to this we are clear that the project is going ahead, something that we already knew, but after so long there could be people who doubt this.

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