Gentle customers can be a problem for a waitress

Gentle customers can be a problem for a waitress

There are customers of all kinds in restaurants. There are the obsessive, annoying and overly demanding; and the kind, well-meaning and condescending to the workers.

In the middle of these two poles, countless variants.

In the group of those who try to help the waiters and waitresses are those who, when taking what has been left after a dinner or lunch, seek to make their contribution by “organizing” the plates and cutlery for their retirement.

However, intention does not always really turn into help. Sometimes it is worse.

A young waitress shared a video on the short video social network TikTok in which – with some humor and having clarified that she is grateful that they try to help her in her work – she exposes the mistakes of kind customers.

In the video of less 10 seconds, the young woman explains on her TikTok account @fyrefairie the problems in a video that went viral.

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The tiktoker says that the main mistake made by customers is stacking plates, cutlery and glasses all together, believing that this will facilitate their work, but it is the opposite.

According to the waitress, the fact that the utensils are all stacked together in a messy way not only does not help, but it complicates the work of clearing the table and wastes time.

Gentle customers can be a problem for a waitress

A waitress at a Hollywood restaurant explains that it is necessary that “all the large plates are together, the bowls together, the small plates together.” “Do not mix cups with plates of food,” he complains.

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In a few days, the content of the video has hundreds of thousands of reproductions and thousands of comments and reactions, well above the average for this user.

Some criticize her: “They try to help you and you complain because they are not doing your job well.” Others take it as good advice: “The next time in a restaurant I will take it into account.”