Genshin Impact: What is the Wolf Hook and where to find it

Genshin Impact: What is the Wolf Hook and where to find it

Genshin Impact comprises a variety of resources and each of them serves an important purpose in the video game, but while some are fairly common and easily obtained, others like the Wolf Hook are weirder and somewhat difficult to come by. Therefore, in this section of our complete Genshin Impact guide, we tell you what this element is used for and the places where you can find it.

Where to find Wolf Hook and what it is used for

The Wolf Hook is a typical climbing gear from the Mondstadt region, it’s a strange berry characterized by having spines that allow it to adhere easily to the skin of wolves. This resource is in the category of specialties which means that it is used to prepare recipes in the kitchen.

Generally, can be achieved in nature, near bushes and trees, although they only abound in the surroundings of the Kingdom of the Wolves. For this reason, it is one of the rarest materials in the video game because it was a single star element, its difficulty is due to the fact that it is found in very specific locations.

how to get the genshin impact wolf hook

Where we can locate the Wolf Hook in Genshin Impact.

However, another option to obtain it is Chloris Botanical Shop, where each one is priced at 1000 blackberries. But it should be mentioned that the store only has 5 units and these are regenerated every 4 days.

Its most common use is in the kitchen where it is used in the manufacture of blue dye, which is used for decorations. However, its most important role is when it is used as Razor’s ascension material, which requires at least 168 copies of Wolf Hook to reach level 6 of its ascension.