Genshin Impact was the most popular on Twitter in 2021

Genshin Impact was the most popular on Twitter in 2021

2022 is beginning, and as expected, Twitter Take advantage of the first days of the new year to share statistics in relation to what was experienced in your social network.

As for what we are responsible for, that is, in videogames, Genshin Impact It was the most to talk about.

It is not strange that this has been the case, since last year was a great year for gaming in general on Twitter, since users took advantage of this platform to make messages or tweets, so it was so that It has been the year with the most video game tweets in all history.

And, speaking only in relation to gaming, users made more than 2.4 billion tweets, which means that there was an increase of 14% compared to 2020, since in that year, more than 2000 million tweets related to video games were registered.

His popularity was so great that he left behind the former king of Twitter of 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Y Genshin Impact earned first place, followed by Apex Legends and Ensemble Stars, which were also up several spots compared to last year.

Genshin Impact debuted in 2020, as did Animal Crossing: New HorizonsOnly until September and despite this, he managed to place himself in eighth position.

With this in mind, everything seems to indicate that the success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons was powerful, but punctual; instead, that of Genshin Impact more durable. We must consider that, although it was very popular, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is only available only for Nintendo switch and Genshin Impact on consoles PlayStation, PC and mobiles.

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We must bear in mind that this does not mean that the public has forgotten Animal Crossing in 2021, there could not be an idea further from reality, since the title of Nintendo He managed to be one of those who gave the most to talk about last year, remaining in the sixth position on the list and without a doubt what helped him was that he received new content.

Based on the statistics of the platform, we can see that it was a year in which there was a lot of talk about esports on Twitter, and among the most prominent are Mongraal, Bugha and Benjyfishy and the most popular teams were LOUD esports, FaZe Clan and paiN Gaming.

Just as they let us know which were the 5 countries that most talked about video games on Twitter during 2021, who were the same as 2020, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Thailand and KoreaOnly in 2020 Brazil was in fourth position. Regarding events, E3 2021, The Game Awards 2021 and Xbox They were the ones who gave the most to talk about.

Another detail that would be worth noting is that Ibai Llanos was the content creator who had the most video views and gained new followers, but he was not the most talked about streamer, as the list was led by Colon, AuronPlay and Felipe Nieto. It also highlights that the Mexican streamer Ari gameplays, which managed to be in the third position of video game content creators that gained the most followers in 2021.

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