Ganem and Honda: Show “all-terrain” strengths

Ganem and Honda: Show “all-terrain” strengths

The power of dreams is so great that agencies and brands live to make them come true. With this premise, the new Ganem Group and Honda advertising campaign moves, which, without a doubt, has become the strongest and most memorable of this 2022.

This is not just any commercial advertisement: technology, speed, design, security and diversification are five concepts that stand out at first glance to the eye of any consumer who has their own desires.

And it is that, since its origins, man has always sought to dominate the earth, the sky and the sea, but in the 21st century, with so much technology at hand, there are few brands that manage to offer travel experiences in these three spaces of nature, being Honda the only one that does it in Mexico, something that Ganem knew how to take advantage of.

“We realized that no brand has a development of technologies applied to the mobility of people as comprehensive as Honda has.”

“Based on this, and crossing it with consumer purchase triggers, we decided to show the greatness of the brand with its different business units (Honda Jet – Honda Marine – Honda Motorcycles – Honda Autos)”, explains Yasser Flores, Creative VP of Ganem Group.

For the expert and person in charge of this advertising piece, showing that the brand has the innovation to develop certified engines that manage to cross sky, sea and land, makes drivers be certain and confident that Honda cars are superior to those of other assemblers in Mexico and the world.



Behind the screen: creativity

With the efforts of more than 30 collaborators from all Ganem Group departments (Planning, Creative, Customer Service, Media), the advertising agency positions the name of Honda in the minds of thousands of people who go digital daily, as it breaks with paradigms of the automotive sector in terms of quality, safety and image.

“Everything we generate for Honda is done under a monitoring process at each stage of the campaign for greater efficiency in its performance, and this allows us to reach and exceed the KPIs set by the client, which has been worth the permanence of the Ganem account for more than eight years”says the Creative VP.

And although it seems easy for an experienced agency to create a bond of trust with the brand and generate credibility with the audience, this entails a learning process. In Honda’s “The Power of Dreams”, for example, Yasser Flores considered his greatest challenge to exhibit the great differentiator of the brand with all its lines of business and, from there, “creativity and media planning I flow very quickly to be able to achieve the expected impact.”

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Ganem and Honda were clear about the scope they were targeting, advertising in outdoor media and pay television, focusing the campaign on the entire digital ecosystem and segmenting the audience according to their purchasing behavior, so it is not surprising that today the spot circulates in its more than 140 dealers in the interior of the republic and may it be a success on the different platforms, where life itself moves through clicks and views.



“The biggest challenge was to develop the strategy that could differentiate the brand with all its business lines, hence the creativity and media planning flowed very quickly to achieve the expected impact.”