GameStop will create its own NFT store

GameStop will create its own NFT store

Over the last few months we have seen how various companies have decided to enter the market for NFT. While this is a practice that is hated by much of the community, companies like Ubisoft and Square Enix see a promising future. Now, it was recently revealed that GameStop will join this trend, but will not create blockchain content, instead They plan to provide a site where these types of products can be marketed.

According to The Wall Street Journal, GameStop has formed a new division with the goal of creating its own digital market for NFT, where video game companies can make transactions related to these products. Although at the moment there is no specific date for this, it is expected that by the end of 2022 the competitor of OpenSea, currently the main buying and selling platform of NFT, will be available.

This is just one of the proposals that GameStop has regarding the digital market. Remember that with the pandemic in 2020, this store began a period of great losses of money. In 2021 its shares rose thanks to a series of manipulations of the stock market. Now, in 2022 we see how the company enters a new market, which is still being tested.

On related topics, Konami is celebrating Castlevania’s 35th anniversary with NFTs from the series. Similarly, South Korea launches an initiative to block games with NFT.


Editor’s Note:

While everything related to NFTs is a problem, GameStop’s proposal is acceptable in the fact that there are not many platforms to market these products. Now we can only wait and see if this raid ends up being a failure, or not.

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Via: The Wall Street Journal

GameStop will create its own NFT store

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