GameStop plans to bet on NFTs and proposes that devs do so

GameStop plans to bet on NFTs and proposes that devs do so

It is public knowledge that GameStop, may not be going through its best moment after multiple setbacks and a losing streak that has lasted for months, for this reason, the retail chain sees a glimmer of hope in the new sensation of the moment: NFT.

The brand has been preparing since May, when it let us know that it is interested in fully entering the non-fungible token market, but until now it has not revealed its project to make it a reality.

And it is that, thanks to a new report, we know that their plans are progressing and everything indicates that they are investing a lot of time and large sums of money to materialize their plans.

Such a strategy will not be possible or successful if the NFT they are not incorporated little by little in video games, so GameStop is making deals and trying to convince developers to incorporate them into their titles.

Apparently and according to The Wall Street Journal (via The Verge), GameStop already has a team dedicated team working on their strategy for getting into NFTs, and that group made up of more than 20 people preparing an online market for non-fungible tokens, where items such as skins and other objects for games would be offered.

They also mention that the chain of stores is trying to convince game developers and distributors to implement NFT in their games, that is why it prepares agreements with crypto companies to create dedicated technology and thus invest in games they use. non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology.

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Said report states that GameStop would invest tens of millions of dollars to make this a reality and close deals with about 12 companies whose names have not been released. All of this would be an attempt by the chain of stores to change its business and leave behind its serious problems of the past.

For now we know that he is preparing a platform for digital collectibles under the motto “Power to the players. Power to creators. Power to collectors ”.

“The committee will continue to focus on identifying actions that can transform GameStop into a technology business and help create lasting shareholder value.”the company previously stated about its future.