Gamer24hs presents discounts on gamer chairs to play video games or work with the maximum possible comfort.

Gamer chairs are more and more necessary every day. Having a good chair next to the desk to play video games during long sessions or work full time in the home office is essential, and in Gamer24hs They presented interesting discounts and up to 12 interest-free installments on three models of ergonomic chairs until January 9: In this note we will tell you what they are!

Gamer Chair Pro The Game House: long days of games with maximum comfort

The Gamer Pro Chair The Game House It is a comfortable padded chair for both the seat and the backrest and the armrests. It features movable arms that fold down, adjustable up and down armrests, a metal star base, and a 100mm class 4 gas lift with a 350mm nylon base and 60mm nylon wheels. In addition to the wide padding of the chair, comfort in long hours is guaranteed with the high traffic synthetic leather material. You will find it in Gamer24hs with a 21% discount, 12 installments without interest and black, red and blue colors. This is the one we use in the Geek Culture streams.

Ergonomic Gamer Chair with Footrest and Recliner The Game House

Another model available in Gamer24hs is the Ergonomic Gamer Chair with Footrest and Recliner The Game House, which is elegantly designed to make you stand out in the room, with premium PU leather materials for greater strength and black carbon fiber to ensure the best possible comfort. It has mobile folding arms, a padding on the seat, back and arms, 4.80 mm class 4 gas lift, 5.350 mm nylon base and 6.60 mm nylon wheels, 4D armrests (four directions), two removable pillows, recline from 90 ° to -180 ° (upright or semi-lying down) and footrest to rest in the longest sessions of work or play. You will find it at Gamer24hs with a 15% discount, 12 installments without interest and in orange and red colors.

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Gamer chair / armchair with ergonomic neck and footrest

Another of the most outstanding options in Gamer Chairs available in the store Gamer24hs is the Gamer Chair / Armchair, which includes an ergonomic U-shaped neck for use as a headrest, plus two extra removable pillows, folding swing arms, four-way armrests, a 5,350mm nylon base, 6.60mm nylon wheels and an iron base of 6.60mm. Its design is not only attractive, but it also guarantees comfort on days of several hours with its ample padding on the back, seat and arms with resistant material of black carbon fiber body and Pu leather, high-density foam. It is also reclining 90 ° -180 ° and includes footrest. You will find it in Gamer24hs with a 15% discount, 12 installments without interest and in red, blue and black colors.