fun appetizer recipe for Halloween

fun appetizer recipe for Halloween

If there’s one time food can be fun, it’s Halloween. Since we give ourselves to it, let’s live it as it deserves in the kitchen, embracing that spooky environment with recipes that don’t always have to be loaded with sugar. With some cheese and some olives we can imagine that these mini mozzarella bites they are monster eyes that kids will love to decorate. And many older people too.

It is the spooky season and it touches to stain a little using ingredients as if they were doll pieces or an edible model. Sweet recipes with their “cuqui” touch are fine, but honestly, Halloween invites more to play with shapes that fill the table with monsters, zombies, mummies, bats, worms, spiders, dismembered bodies, potions and terrifying creatures.

Drain well and gently pat the mozzarella cheese balls and olives dry with kitchen paper. Cut the green olives into slightly larger discs than black ones. If they are stuffed, discard the stuffing, unless it is pepper, to take advantage of the red color.

Place a tomato paste or concentrate, ketchup or other thick sauce in the center of each mozzarella. Draw lines down with a pastry decorating pencil, very fine pastry bag or with some skill using a fine brush or toothpick.

Place a green olive ring in the center, paint with some more tomato and top with the black olive. Fill in the hole with a little more tomato if necessary.

With what to accompany the monstrous eyes

What you want most on Halloween is to have a party or dinner of appetizers with different dishes to snack on. These small bites of mozzarella can be accompanied, for example, with a graveyard dip, some witch’s brooms, severed sausage fingers, a pumpkin hummus and a baked Camembert cheese.

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