The well-known camera brand decides not to be left behind and launches an ultra-wide phone printer that gives our photos a look similar to that of the iconic Polaroid photos.

We all have great immortalized moments on our phone. Travel with your partner, family or friends; the first photos of our son or even that time he gave us to cook and it ended in disaster.

Technology helps us take these photos, but it can also be fragile and delete many of them by mistake or lack of storage. By printing them we get to have them physically to keep them in albums and smartphone printers are very useful to us.

Fujifilm has just announced one of these printers under the name Instax Link WIDE. We can print our favorite photos in a wide format reminiscent of the famous Polaroids and thus save them forever.

The Fujifilm brand is not new to taking photos. We have tested some of their models ourselves and quite liked them.

They have been in business for many years and their know-how is showing. Some of their cameras they are among the best that you can buy and that speaks well of them.

The printer will let us choose between two types of prints: Instax Rich, which accentuates warm colors along with contrast; and Instax Natural, which emphasizes the natural colors of the image.

We can also use the Instax Link application, where we will have about 30 filters, collage mode, stickers, the possibility of writing on the photos and much more. We can customize our photos with templates and even include QR codes.

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No battery has been specified, but according to the company, will give us 100 photos to print. As a detail, will use Instax Wide uploads, which are also compatible with Instax Wide 300 camera. It will be charged by USB and we will have it ready in a maximum of 2 hours.

It will be launched on October 22 with a price of 149 euros and its cartridges of ten photos will cost about 10.49 euros. Now it will be easier than ever to reveal the photos of our mobile.