The need to keep our blood pressure regulated is essential for health since we avoid the risk of cardiovascular disease, kidney problems and even strokes. For this reason, and from our space, we indicate which fruits can help you reduce high blood pressure.

Silent disease: high blood pressure

That’s right, they call it “silent disease” because hypertension occurs with hardly any symptoms. Sometimes it does present them, but we associate them with other common things such as tiredness, headache … The least expected day arises the real problem and the first warning: a heart attack, a stroke or even kidney failure.

Tips to reduce hypertension

High blood pressure is a serious disease that we must control for life. When we reach a certain age it is essential that we undergo periodic check-ups with which to control our blood pressure.

If we have it elevated and our doctor indicates it, we must take a certain medication, as well as control and take care of our diet. You already know that it is essential that you eliminate salt from your dishes, that you do some exercise with which to keep your heart strong and healthy, that you get used to drinking plenty of liquids and that you include fresh vegetables and fiber in your diet.

It doesn’t cost you anything and it will be helping you to gain quality of life. We want to help you, be useful to you, and so we now turn to indicate which fruits can complement your treatment for high blood pressure.  Do we take note?

Suitable fruits to reduce your hypertension

1. The healthy bananas

We love bananas. Few fruits are so energetic, so healthy and so suitable for the whole family. Did you know that they are excellent for regulating tension? That’s right, according to a study by George’s School in London and published in the magazine Hypertension, bananas have a rich content of potassium citrate, excellent for regulating blood pressure.


Various investigations have been carried out on population samples and it was shown that hypertension did indeed decrease. So what if we start the day with a banana? A very good option, without a doubt, and if you add a few nuts you will have a very complete breakfast.

2. The importance of an apple a day

It costs you nothing. An apple a day works miracles for your health, surely you already knew…. but you do it? If you have hypertension do not hesitate to follow wise advice. The apple has excellent flavonoids that help us reduce tension, but yes… you must eat the apple with its skin to benefit from its properties! 

Apples like these can go a long way in fighting high blood pressure

It is precisely the quercetin present in the skin that helps us achieve this, acting as a kind of hormone capable of regulating pressure,  improving circulation and preventing vasoconstriction of blood vessels. Great, without a doubt. So remember it, an apple a day and you will take care of your health.

3. Pears and their great benefits

Pears have rich vitamins, fiber and high water content. But even more, they contain magnesium. According to a study published in the journal Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, the benefits of pears to regulate overweight and high blood pressure were demonstrated.

The pear or the juice of this fruit is recommended in cases of hypertension

People with systolic blood pressure greater than 140 and diastolic between 90 and 99, managed to significantly lower their blood pressure by consuming one pear a day. Magnesium is widely available in bananas, apples, oranges, and pears, so don’t hesitate to consume the latter the way you want, even in a rich natural juice. Shall we start today?

4. Oranges and their medicinal properties

Oranges are rich in fiber, minerals and especially vitamin C. This element is essential to help us lower our blood pressure, in addition to strengthening the walls of our veins and arteries.

In addition to this, as we have indicated before, it is also rich in magnesiumwhich helps us to improve the rhythm and circulation of the blood and, in essence, regulate blood pressure. So, consume it as you wish, in segments, in natural juices… as you wish.

Orange juice is highly recommended in cases of high blood pressure

In summary: fresh fruits can serve as an excellent complement to regulate your hypertension. You can consume them daily choosing the one that you like the most: breakfast, for example, an orange juice, at noon we can have an apple and, at dinner, we can end the day with a banana. Being rich in tryptophan, it helps us fall asleep.

Of course, if you have high blood pressure be sure to visit your doctor regularly. Food, in this case, is a supplement that can facilitate the work of medications that your doctor has prescribed.

Start taking care of yourself today!