Ubisoft He surprised us a few days ago with the announcement of Ghost Recon: Frontline, a new battle royale based on the saga of shooters that will arrive in the future. As we tell you in 3D PC Games, we were going to be able to test it in closed beta from today, October 14, until October 21. Well this it won’t be like that: the beta by Frontline is delayed because Ubisoft is not happy with the current state.

“We have decided that it is best to postpone the closed beta of Ghost Recon: Frontline. The development team is focused on creating the best possible experience, “he explained in a new statement on Twitter, the French company. What it is not very clear with these words is the reason concrete, but we imagine Ubisoft needs to polish the game.

Nor do we know today if this setback will also affect the launch date of the game, which, on the other hand, is not fixed at the moment. Title free to play will be released on consoles and PC, and the silver lining is that it will feature cross game, so we can enjoy it with friends regardless of the platform on which each one plays.

“We will give more details of the new date of the closed beta as soon as we can “, has indicated Ubisoft. This sentence leads us to think that the delay is going to be even a bit longer than one could imagine, but hey, we will find out that. Ghost Recon: Frontline is a tribute to the saga and the way celebrate its 20 years, since the first Ghost Recon came out in 2001.

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