From today you will find changes in the Halo Infinite store with price drops

From today you will find changes in the Halo Infinite store with price drops

One of the problems that has taken its toll on Halo Infinite the most is about to be solved, because from today there will be Halo Infinite Store Changes. For all the praise Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has received, its microtransactions were a constant source of criticism for some fans, even though 343 Industries has done a lot to improve the limited-time events, not to mention the challenges. and level up.

The in-game store has been criticized for the price of items, the lack of value of the packages. However, starting today you’ll find changes to the Halo Infinite store that will brighten your day if you’ve been planning on making cosmetic purchases.

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Halo Infinite Store Changes

Jerry Hook, chief designer of 343, tweeted who have been closely following discussions about the store, bundles, and pricing since launch. TO Share data and community feedback Changes to the Halo Infinite store were thought of in the way items are packaged and priced. As reported, the store experience will vary from week to week. The main change that will come will be to reduce prices across the board.

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And the other changes in Halo Infinite’s store will be offering solo items And not just as part of packages. If this excites you, perhaps so does the fact that the Cyber ​​showdown event begins today, with a cyberpunk theme and new free rewards.

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