Honey is a one hundred percent natural food, a great substitute for sugar. A food as old as the human being himself, which already appears in cave paintings of more than 15,000 years ago in which people were represented collecting it, and which throughout history has continued to be present in different civilizations such as the Sumerians. , Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans or the Arabs.

Its elaboration begins when the bees absorb the nectar from the flowers and return to the hive to deliver it to the worker bees, who dehydrate it for days until it becomes honey. During this transformation process, thousands of young bees pass the nectar from one to another, enriching it, and then depositing it in the cells. Once ready, the honey is extracted by centrifugation, and with great care not to break the cells, so that the bees do not have to rebuild them, and can dedicate themselves to other tasks in the hive.

In the specific case of Spain, which has a great beekeeping tradition, it is the European Union leader in the production of this food, which also plays a sustainable role in the ecosystem. As if that were not enough, the lush flora of the fields of our country makes the consumer have more than thirty varieties of monofloral honey.

In addition, the current European production model guarantees that all the honey available on the shelves is of the highest quality and purity and has the most demanding traceability levels so that, once the bottle is opened, we can enjoy it by itself, as a sweetener. of liquids or in the kitchen, where it helps in the preparation of dishes as tasty as this Fresh cheese, honey and toasted peanuts, a chef’s recipe Roberto Martinez (Tripea, Madrid) offered by the European Union and the Spanish Association of Merchants and Honey Packers (ASEMIEL ANIMPA).

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Fresh cheese, honey and toasted peanut dessert


For 1 portion

  • 150 g of fresh sheep cheese
  • 80 g of multi-flower or monofloral honey
  • 60 g unsalted roasted peanuts
  • Flake salt


We start by crumbling the fresh sheep cheese in a bowl

On the other hand, we crush the roasted peanut and add it to the bowl.

We add a little honey and flake salt, and that’s it.

Fresh cheese, honey and toasted peanut dessert

80%Final note

Recipe name

Fresh cheese, honey and toasted peanut dessert

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