Free practice live – Monaco GP F1 2022

Free practice live – Monaco GP F1 2022

Formula 1 does not rest and faces a new double in its calendar. Just a few days ago, Max Verstappen achieved victory in the Spanish GP marked by the immense heat. Now, the category has put on its most elegant suit to compete in the Monaco GP. The streets of the Principality dress up to host a new edition of the Most luxurious and special Grand Prix of the entire season, even if there are new alternatives promoted by Liberty Media like Miami.

Competing in Monte Carlo is different, it’s unique. It is true that in the last editions of the Monaco GP the show has been limited in the race. However, the story that hides in each curve and that special flavor that always awakens the unpredictable make this date something special. Anything can happen and at any moment the race can be turned upside down with a small mistake, because the walls do not forgive and are very close.

Luxury in a compact format

Traditions are respected, but to a certain extent. The free practice dispute on Thursday was something characteristic and unique to the Monaco GP, although the motivations that once caused this circumstance no longer exist. In fact, the ‘no activity’ on the track on Friday was unreal, since the support categories take advantage of the absence of the Formula 1 to compete in the streets of the Principality. For this reason, Liberty Media has ended this format and free practice will be held on Friday, as in any event.

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Thus, the new round of the duel between Max Verstappen and Charles Lecler can be experienced in a concentrated format, with the same luxury and glamor as always. The Red Bull driver is in a state of grace after adding victory in the last three Grand Prix, results that have earned him the lead after Leclerc abandoned in Barcelona. Nevertheless, in this battle between Red Bull and Ferrari it seems that Mercedes is ready to sneak in. And the silver arrows should work fine in Monaco.

anything can happen

Beyond the option to see Lewis Hamilton and George Russell sandwiched between the four Ferrari and Red Bull drivers, the Monaco GP offers many other points of interest. See what Carlos Sainz can do with the F1-75, how far Alfa Romeo or McLaren drivers can go and the performance that Fernando Alonso can have in what could be his last Monaco GP are, without a doubt, aspects to take into account when facing the Monegasque event.

Taking into account all these factors and the very unpredictability of the Monaco GP, We recommend that you get comfortable and enjoy the most glamorous event in Formula 1 from free practice. In we are going to tell you everything that happens in the streets of the Principality, with the addition of having our colleague David Moreno at the foot of the track to take the best photos of the event. We begin, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy the live comments of

Free practice live - Monaco GP F1 2022