The tool AccuWeather MinuteCast promises to improve the rain alert in Mexico, with more accurate forecasts in terms of rainfall, since it has a real-time radar at the local, regional and global levels.

Rain alert

“It is a” unique hybrid of ground-based and satellite-based radar that eliminates gaps where radar was not previously available and allows weather forecasts to be even more accurate, “the meteorologist reported.

The free application is available for Android and iOS devices and arrives just when the rainy season has hit different areas of the continent most heavily, especially Mexican and Chilean.

They present a “Google” of CDMX

The Digital Agency for Public Innovation of Mexico City (ADIP) announced the creation of a new portal for procedures, services and social programs for residents of the capital.

The platform was presented as a “Google” type with information on the weather, air quality, Hoy No Circula, relevant announcements, 100 different procedures and a Locatel support chat.

“The new portal is aligned with the best practices in the world of digital services. The idea is to integrate in a single space all the useful information so that citizens can access procedures, services and programs”, Said José Antonio Peña Merino, head of the agency.

Amazon ready new payment solutions

The ecommerce giant is preparing new payment methods for the Mexican market, which include deposits in Oxxo stores and gift cards.

“We have a responsibility to make it easy for people to pay whichever method they prefer. Today we accept cash payments at Oxxo or you can even pay for your membership with a gift card and we have more plans so that anyone who wants to pay in e-commerce can do so and has no limitations ”, said David Miller, CEO of Amazon Mexico.

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The director explained that the objective is to expand even more and attract a greater number of users in our country.

Mental health concerns of students

The University of Guadalajara (UdeG) opened a digital platform that drives its new strategy called “CUCS actions for mental health against Covid-19 ″, which aims to evaluate the mental health of academic and administrative staff and students, reported the head of the Department of Applied Psychology of the University Center for Health Sciences (CUCS), Norma Ruvalcaba.

This, since, after the coronavirus pandemic, an increase in symptoms from moderate to severe stress, anxiety and sleep problems was observed.

They would revolutionize medicine

Laser technology capable of painless, needle-free injections could be coming soon.

Bubble Gun ”(“ Bubble Gun ”) uses a laser to push tiny droplets through the outer layer of the skin, which, according to David Fernández Rivas, a professor at the University of Twente and a researcher affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, could help reduce the threshold and fear of vaccines.

According to the report researchers gave Reuters, the process is faster than a mosquito bite and “shouldn’t cause pain” because the nerve endings in the skin don’t touch.

“In a millisecond, the crystal containing the liquid is heated with a laser, a bubble is created in the liquid, which pushes the liquid out at a speed of at least 100 km per hour (60 mph),” said the specialist. .

Rivas wait for the invention Also avoid the risk of needle contamination and reduce medical waste.