Four out of 10 people plan to use crypto this year

Four out of 10 people plan to use crypto this year

Mexico is one of the countries that is leading the trend: it is the ninth nation in the world with the highest rate of possession of crypto assets and the second in the region, after Argentina.

Finder also notes that the crypto of choice is Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum and Binance Coin.

Part of the appeal of investing in cryptocurrencies is that “over time, multiple solutions have emerged that aim, from the crypto economy, to offer the possibility of investing in a decentralized market,” says Tobías Frieder, Chief and Growth Officer at Buenbit.

In 2020, crypto operations in the country accounted for $ 23 million, according to research firm Atlántico. And 2021 is expected to close with at least 70% more capital volume.

Women dominate the crypto market in Mexico

According to the study, of crypto users in Mexico, 46.3% are men and 53.7% are women, so women are 1.1 times more likely to use this type of financial instruments. The national landscape contrasts with those of other countries, where men are 1.5 times more likely to use crypto than women.