Fortnite could get Dead by Daylight crossover soon

Fortnite could get Dead by Daylight crossover soon

It is no stranger to Fortnite to make collaborations with a long list of characters, comics, movies or even other video games, and everything seems to indicate that Dead by Daylight could soon join that list, since a crossover between both franchises has begun to be rumored. Well apparently the collaboration between the games will also be a two-way street, with Dead by Daylight and Fortnite receiving content from each other.

Now officially Epic GamesNeither Behavior Interactive have announced such a crossover, but rumors suggesting this will happen may have also spoiled what kind of cosmetics will be present in both games.

You see, it all started on twitter where Fortnite insider iFireMonkey recently shared the following tweet that seemed to reveal some of the first details about this rumored crossover, plus another well-known Fortnite news source FortniteShiinaBR, shared an almost identical tweet shortly after.

Both included the same details, as well as an image of a llama from Fortnite that will apparently be the game’s contribution to Dead by Daylight as a charm for players to equip, and while the charm is supposedly what’s coming to Fortnite’s Dead by Daylight, the battle royale game is rumored to be getting a skin for meg thomasa survivor in Dead by Daylight.

But, none of the tweets sharing news of this rumor had an image of the alleged skin and instead just used images from Dead by Daylight, so we still don’t know what the Fortnite version of Meg would look like.

Earlier this month, ShiinaBR shared an image showing the contents of a survey that Epic Games was said to have sent out to Fortnite players to gauge the community’s familiarity with and interest in different properties spanning games, movies, and more. , within that poll, listed the Killer known as Legion, as well as Survivors Dwight and David.

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But Meg wasn’t on the list, given that these rumors surfaced during the same month as the survey, so perhaps it’s because Meg’s skin was already finalized and Epic Games was looking to see what could be done next.

We have to remember that neither game is a stranger to crossovers, and if a collaboration were to start anywhere, it makes sense for it to start with Meg, as not only is she behind Feng Min as the most played Survivor, and even though she’s not in ranked #1, she has the advantage of being one of the game’s original Survivors, and thus has seniority and is more recognizable.