Ford Bronco to fight fires, this is an electric car in the forest field

Can an off-road vehicle designed to overcome obstacles completely electric off the tarmac? Here are the keys to understanding a concept that will be normal in the market.

Ford Bronco to fight fires, this is an electric car in the forest field

Ford, in recent months, has pulled several aces from its sleeve in everything that happens to the electricity market. If a few months ago he showed what the Mustang Mach E would be like, a little less time ago he uncovered the Bronco, the resurgence of a mythical model that, currently, has returned with completely electric mechanics. Are we facing the first Wrangler type model with batteries?

The American brand wants to lead the transition of the automotive market in a new commitment to electricity. It will also do so from completely differentiated sectors in search of agglutinating a larger market. The firm has announced that this curious and specialized model will not reach all markets. However, this does not detract from how important it will be to the manufacturer.

The Ford Bronco has been reinvented to be completely electric

In fact, the public has been shown what a unit for the field of forest surveillance will look like. In this sense, we have asked ourselves, what should be the attributes that a model of these characteristics should have under completely electric dynamics? The key to understanding it is shown to us, as can be read in the New Atlas portal, this curious edition.

It is a complete preparation kit that seeks, on the one hand, not to lose the long-awaited off-road skills that Ford will soon offer and, on the other, the provision of a specialized emergency team to act under any circumstance. Have they succeeded? The results deserve a careful analysis, something that we will show you below.

Let’s see, therefore, why Ford has succeeded in redesigning the legendary Bronco under a new electric concept and, of course, why we are facing a crucial moment that the American manufacturer has managed to interpret. Here are the keys to a prototype that could well serve to define the true future of the fashionable SUV in the electric field.

A new style to enhance the company’s brand image

Ford has reached an agreement with Filson for the interpretation of the Bronco as a model of forestry assistance. Filson is a traditional company that has dedicated itself to highlighting the qualities of a vehicle to carry out surveillance and assistance tasks in the forestry field. As a result of this collaboration, a result that is worth noting has been obtained.

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The Ford Bronco has become the new aspiration of the electric off-roader.
The Ford Bronco has become the new aspiration of the electric off-roader.

This particular model has added to the conventional one a series of options to adapt to the potential situations that this model could encounter. First of all, it is worth noting the inclusion of a hose, a water pump and a tank with a capacity for 190 liters of water. This coincides, in fact, with the presence of a large number of fires.

The Bronco prepared for forestry activities is completely different from the original

To this must be added, in addition, spaces specially prepared to store work material and, of course, essential utensils for fighting fires. Aesthetically you can also see a light bar and the inclusion of a hole to serve as a surveillance tool. As you can see, it is far from what a Bronco intended for the conventional public would be.

Although it cannot be seen in the images, the chassis has been reinforced in order to withstand the stressful work that this technology is subjected to. In fact, it also has a winch to avoid being stranded in the middle of a muddy or on a too steep slope. This element is essential in any model in this category.

A whole load of solutions to stand out at the forestry level

It is not the first time that these groups share synergies with the goal of improving the security of forests in the United States. In fact, it is known that 2 units with such weapons will become part of the surveillance team. However, are we facing an association that will cause the arrival of new variants? The key to understanding the agreement lies in electrical clothing.

It is expected that over the next few months the situation of the available units in terms of power and autonomy will be analyzed. The possibility that in the future there will be sufficient resources to increase the fleet of these cars will depend on this. In the meantime, you will have to be content with enjoying current options.

And you, would you entrust the safety of a large area of ​​land to a model with a much lower cycle mileage than a car based on fossil fuels? It is too early to know what is the true scope of this type of SUV under the current electrification format. However, there is less to begin to discover if models like the Ford Bronco suffer more than necessary.