For the nights when it starts to get cold, the best is a duvet (and the best seller on Amazon is now on sale)

For the nights when it starts to get cold, the best is a duvet (and the best seller on Amazon is now on sale)

Although these days we are experiencing a kind of “second summer of San Miguel” the reality is that we are in October and the cold is already noticeable at night. And soon the summer quilts will again give way to bedding much more in line with autumn such as blankets, duvet covers or quilts.

And when it’s cold outside there is nothing better than getting into bed at night and tucking ourselves under a warm duvet. In case at home this year it’s time renew quilt or we have simply moved and we do not have, we have found among the best sellers of Amazon this Pikolin fiber duvet lowered:

Pikolin quilt

This duvet is filled with silicone hollow fiber Ecolofil, a fiber similar to down in touch and coat. It is designed for homes whose temperature usually oscillates between medium and cold, to put in autumn and winter.

The keys to washing the down comforter at home

One of the main characteristics of this quilt is its anti-mite treatment, which prevents these microorganisms from reproducing on our mattress. You can get both in the washer and dryer (at low temperature, yes) without problems. Although it is recommended to wash it by putting in some tennis balls as well to prevent the filling from caking.


It is available in a multitude of sizes, from the largest beds to cribs, each with a different price. We leave you some of the most common dimensions so that you can orient yourself, but there are many more:

  • 80/90 bed – 140 x 200 cm: 29.69 euros (before 40.68 euros)
  • 100/105 bed – 180 x 220 cm: 32.49 euros (before 52.68 euros)
  • 120/140 bed – 200 x 200 cm: 34.89 euros (before 52.68 euros)
  • 135/140 bed – 220 x 220 cm: 38.79 euros (before 63.60 euros)
  • 150/160 bed – 220 x 240 cm: 46.89 euros (before 69.48 euros)
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Fiber duvet

Fiber duvet

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