The Eternals, just days after its release, seeks to bring a new and broader mythology to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Its director, Chloé Zhao, believes that someone could contribute to the franchise.

Marvel studios constantly preparing its Phase 4, which, with the theme of the multiverse, as well as the arrival of new characters, the franchise hopes to go to a higher level. The above would seem impossible, since the saga of infinity left the bar high, but still the constant and they could achieve their mission. The Eternals, which will show a bigger cosmos and a more complex mythology, could be a key piece in it.

Like this project, and all those of the company, one of the great resources that the production company has is the cast. The actors and actresses that make up the titles make them works that are very well received by the public and critics.

Would it work?

The director of the aforementioned tape, Chloé zhao, suggested that there is a star of Hollywood that should arrive at UCM. Thus, the proposal of the creative was nothing more and nothing less than Frances McDormand. She has been a three-time winner of the Oscar award, a rare factor and to be admired. Over the decades, he has participated in pieces such as Fargo, Transformers, Aeon Flux, Darkman and more recently Nomadland, with which she and Zhao took the statuettes of the Academy.

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Director of the Eternals proposes an actress to the UCM

In this way, although the artist has a more theatrical and classic profile, her talent could undoubtedly contribute a lot to this new tone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But … would she like to? This said the developer about it.

«I think … I think he wants to. I think she’s open to it. I think he wants to do something really fun. I think she will want to do something unexpected, because that is Fran, she always challenges herself«Said her friend and filmmaker.

Now, The Eternals It will be in theaters around the world starting November 5. For her part, the interpreter in question prepares for the launch of The Macbeth Tragedy, who will star with Denzel Washington.

Source: Yahoo!