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“For legal reasons I am not going to answer any more questions”; users before Mercado Libre algorithm

“For legal reasons I am not going to answer any more questions”;  users before Mercado Libre algorithm

The Mercado Libre algorithm It has helped many users to find the products they need, and some that simply do not, but are still well received.

The online sales platforms They have proven to be a good alternative for consumers to make their purchases from the comfort of their home since their appearance; However, these were not so well received a few years ago by Mexican users, a fact that the pandemic managed to change considerably.

According to the brand consulting and data analytics company, Kantar, in his study where he shows the variation in income per e-commerce sales from the Covid-19 outbreak In some Latin American countries, there was an increase of 900 percent in Peru, 500 percent in Mexico, 130 percent in Brazil, 130 percent in Colombia and 230 percent in the rest of Latin America.

There is no doubt that Online sales They have benefited millions of users, but this would not have been possible without the help of some specific companies; Statista shows in his study on Top Ecommerce Websites During 2020 By number of visits that Mercado Libre led the list with 127 million visits in a month, later there is Amazon with 63 million, Walmart in third with 27 million, Coppel in fourth with 23 million and Liverpool with 21 million, among other recognized companies .

Several factors to consider come into play when defining why these brands achieved such success; However, one of the strengths that these platforms have is the presence of their algorithm, which comes to offer products that could be relevant to consumers, according to their previous searches.

Users on Twitter have been confused after receiving some infrequent suggestions from the algorithm from Market Free, which offers them a “corpse bag”, where they emphasize that they do not need this product … or maybe they do.

However, this is not the only product of Mercado Libre suggested to users by the algorithmInstead, it frequently offers products out of the ordinary based on their suggestions, which could be generated due to the specifications of some products uploaded to the platform by the same users.

Although these products were not being searched by users (or yes), the Mercado Libre algorithm has demonstrated its ability to provide prospective customers with products that could be of particular consumer interest.

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Different platforms have shown that the algorithm it works for them, as users constantly show their interest in products they weren’t really looking for, but in the same way they have managed to get their attention and they have acquired it, or at least shown their interest.

An example of this we frequently have with Amazon that, despite the fact that users were not looking for a specific product, they attract attention and create the need for the consumer to acquire items that they do not need, because they are somewhat striking.

Offering a wide catalog of products to our customers can make them buy items that they don’t really need, but it does increase our sales.

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