Be good to you

If someone said something that hurt you, if you feel bad about someone else’s actions, it is very possible that you will get angry and that will cause your toxic person in question to become even more harmful. Having bad feelings is not only bad for you, but for the situation in general. So the next time you are in that situation, reflect. Let yourself experience that discomfort for a few minutes and then try to reverse the feeling, thinking nice things about yourself. Obviously this is not a definitive cure, but it does help change your mental state.

Talk to someone else

Remember that sharing your frustrations with someone else takes a load off your shoulders. Find someone you trust, one of those people who know how to make you see reason.

Be empathetic

People can be dire at times, and although it is annoying, try to see it from this point of view: we are our traumas. Remember that most of the time someone criticizes you, they talk more about that person than about you. That does not mean that you have to torture yourself, of course, but it does mean knowing that you cannot take criticism so seriously, because really the problem is not you, but the perspective from which the other person (dis) appreciates you.

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Talk to the person

Be the adult in this situation. Gently try to explain your feelings to the person, and even imply that you know they are being this way because they are going through something. The point is to establish a connection that can generate empathy. This trick doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s worth it.

Be the kind of person you want them to be with you

We learn from what we see and if you are toxic with people, you can only expect the same treatment back. Analyze your behavior; you may not be the victim of this situation. Deal with problems and emotions maturely, and you will spread that attitude to the people around you.
Change friends
If the previous points do not work – let’s accept that not everyone is so reasonable – surround yourself with people with whom you do share a way of seeing life. Surround yourself with positive, proactive, mature and self-sufficient people. It would seem that as an adult it is difficult to meet new people, but with a little effort you can do it.

Get rid of the toxic

If the individual in question doesn’t give in, you don’t have to put up with it either. Let’s normalize distancing ourselves from the people who are hurting us. See more people, get yourself a hobby, meditate … you will see that no person is necessary in your life.