From a medical point of view, there are certain foods that, due to their chemical composition, really make the body warm, without providing too many calories. Which are?

We are already in the middle of autumn, and in many places they will start to put the heat on in just a few weeks. The cooler days are noticeable, and they begin to feel like the foods that make you warm.

Of course, any hot food will do that. But what we are looking for are foods that prolong that feeling of heat over time.

And, if possible, without adding too many calories. A good bean with chorizo ​​and bacon they heat up a few hours, but at the cost of a significant caloric intake.

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The European Medical Institute for Obesity recommends take foods containing garlic and onion, that reactivate the metabolism and make us warm up. The most direct: a hot garlic and onion soup.

To shake off the cold quickly, a hot drink made with a tablespoon of manuka honey and the juice of one lemon.

If the typical winter meals are prepared, such as the stewed, cooked, beans, lentils, etc., you can use veal, blood sausage and chorizo, which help to warm up, but it is better to avoid bacon, which is what provides the most fat.

The classic hot broth Lifetime is also a great choice, as it has a large amount of nutrients necessary for the body to stay active.

Carbohydrates like legumes, pasta and rice they are transformed into energy that puts the whole organism to work.

The Web Body Mind ensures that the Scots and other Nordic countries eat a lot of oats because it is a slow-absorbing carbohydrate, which keeps the body warm for longer.

And it offers a very curious recipe: Porridge with walnuts and banana. It is about boiling 250 ml of vegetable milk, when it is boiling add 4 tablespoons of rolled oats and boil for 10 minutes. When going to consume it, add 4 walnuts and half a sliced ​​banana.

Some drinks that help a lot are infusions and teas with some spicy seasoning, like ginger, the cinnamon, or the combination turmeric / pepper.

Also helps the coffee, which, due to the caffeine and the nutrients it contains, makes you warm.

Another option is the hot chocolate in mug but with as little sugar as possible. Preferably pure dark chocolate.

And of course, the chili, an ultra-hot pepper that can be purchased in powder form and use it as a condiment in many meals. But be careful not to overuse it, if you don’t want to put fire through your mouth …