Follow the lawsuit for gender discrimination on PlayStation

Follow the lawsuit for gender discrimination on PlayStation

You may remember that at the end of last year, a former employee of PlayStation filed a lawsuit against the company after being wrongfully fired. Additionally, the plaintiff stated that there was a “predominantly male culture” within the company, and now eight more women have joined in this lawsuit against the Japanese firm.

According to information from Axios, some of these women continue to work within PlayStation, while others have already left the company. Most of them mention having experienced some type of sexist behavior within the work area, in addition to the fact that they also say that it was much more difficult to receive any type of promotion compared to their male colleagues.

Marie Harringtonwho worked within PlayStation for 16 years, gave as an example a session where only four women were considered for a promotion while 70 men did. In addition to all these claims, they also mention having suffered other cases of improper behavior and inappropriate comments by some company directors.


Publisher’s note: Sony has been wanting to be as discreet as possible with this whole process, but sooner or later they will have to make a statement about it. We have previously seen that the Japanese firm does tend to take these types of allegations seriously, so I am surprised that they have remained so quiet about this.

Via: IGN