Follow the bleeding of ARM chip developers at Apple, the destination: Microsoft | Technology

Follow the bleeding of ARM chip developers at Apple, the destination: Microsoft |  Technology

Despite the success of Apple’s M1 chips built at ARM, the company is not being able to retain internal talent. Another escape in their ranks and they already don’t know how many. Microsoft is the last to fish in this troubled river.

The tech world has been in awe of Apple’s ARM chips since they were launched in 2020. Since then, everyone has been wanting to copy a low-power, high-performance processor design.

In that balance between power and efficiency Apple has become strong, proving that the future of computing is ARM and not x86. And the environment breathes a sigh of relief at this discovery, since such technology could stop the escalation of consumption that we have been living for years.

Well, Apple despite having reason to celebrate how well things are going and how great the ARM-based M1 processors have turned out, the company has a brain drain problem.

Recently, engineer Jeff Wilcox left the Bitten Apple Company and rejoined Intel, company in which he made a name.

And, after this, today comes a new Bloomberg report what says that ARM chief chip architect Mike Filippo, who had joined the Cupertino giant back in 2019, has also left the ship to be recruited by Microsoft.

The Apple M1 processor has two older brothers that surpass its performance in all. What do they contribute?

The report says that Mike Filippo to work with Microsoft’s Rani Borkar, the Corporate Vice President of Hardware Systems and Infrastructure for Azure, on Microsoft internal server chips for your Azure cloud business.

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The movement, if true, It should be in an effort to accelerate the progress Microsoft has made in this area.. Its biggest cloud rivals Google and Amazon are already designing their internal server processors, and the Redmond giant probably doesn’t want to be left far behind.

Apple’s most powerful 14 “laptop with the new M1 Pro chip with an 8-core CPU and 14-core GPU and a 512GB SSD.

As early as 2020, rumors surfaced that Microsoft was working on its own custom ARM chips for Azure and Surface, Although Filippo’s new hire seems to have more to do with his server efforts, since processors for the Surface are not mentioned.

This decade seems to be marked by ARM processors and that absolutely all agents in the sector are going to move to this architecture.