Gone are the hundreds of spy photos and leaks. Make yourself comfortable because in just a few minutes you’ll see the world debut of the sixth-generation Range Rover. The luxurious off-road vehicle, which will arrive in 2022, with serious arguments to continue being one of the references in its category, and without envy.

More than two and a half years after seeing the first signs of the development of the new Range Rover 2022, the time has come for Land Rover to unveil its new flagship. The British firm is ready to broadcast live the world presentation of the new model, and that you can follow the scoop from your armchair in just a few minutes.

The most luxurious of the Land Rover models will go on sale next year. As you have seen in the long follow-up we have done of the Range Rover, we will have a choice of normal wheelbase and one with larger proportions that will give life to a variant of lengthened wheelbase, which will mean a level of space of a limousine. Which confirms, once again, that the new model will have an LWB option.

Live, the world debut of the new Range Rover 2022

And with a design that is expected to be more modern, despite the fact that advances have revealed details of a very current line, without great news. It cannot be otherwise, but spy photos of a long development indicate that Land Rover will throw the house out the window with this generation of Range Rover, with an arsenal of technology to outperform other British and German rivals that were born with the aim of dethroning the Range Rover.

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Thanks to the spy photos, we have been able to know a completely new interior, premiering a digital instrument cluster and dashboard with a more avant-garde design, as well as the serious commitment of the British brand for maximum efficiency in this model. There is no other possibility in view of the new Euro 7 emissions standard that will come into force after 2025, so it will have a range of gasoline and diesel with MHEV technology, hybrids and plug-in hybrids.

The first units will be for sale in 2022Although the firm has not yet set an approximate date for the commercial launch. Of course, stay tuned because Land Rover will detail all the information, versions and finishes available, in addition to being one of the first to know the new Range Rover 2022 and its surprises.