Flink recruitment denounced and users come out in defense of startup

Flink recruitment denounced and users come out in defense of startup

Although it is true that bad and good recruitment practices around the world have become increasingly visible, exposing companies that violate labor rights laws from the hiring process, there are also some complaints that can misrepresent the reality and intention of a job interview, everything depends on the perception of each person. This is demonstrated by a complaint on Twitter against the startup Flinkas a user assured that the questions from his Human Resources area were inappropriate, although the majority of Internet users did not consider it that way and came out in defense of the brand.

And it is that, at least in Mexico, it is common to hear that companies use the recruitment of talent as a filter for those profiles that they consider problematic or socially controversial; a firm study Slater and Gordonfor example, revealed that 40 percent of managers avoid hiring young women to avoid future maternity leave.

This, added to selection actions derived from the race, age, gender, sexual orientation and marital status of the candidates, are the complaints that most afflict companies in terms of HR, where recruiters seeking to know the character and professional and personal performance of their candidates, sometimes they go beyond the barrier of intimacy, confusing the real reasons why someone is accepted or rejected for the vacancy.

They accuse Flink recruiting; startup, users and employees respond

The Federal Labor Law clearly stipulates it in the third article: “Distinctions may not be established between workers based on race, sex, age, religious creed, political doctrine or social condition”, including selection of people beyond their professional capacities. ; nevertheless, Are all personal life questions in recruitment illegal?

According to the recruitment company, to avoid complaints, lawsuits, and lawsuits, recruiters should never ask these five questions: Are you married? Do you have children? How old are you? What religion do you profess? Do you have any pending debt? among many other considered private information.

Error that this time Flink made in a job interview and that, apparently, made the candidate feel uncomfortable and discouraged, who made his complaint public through the Twitter group Horror IT.

“These questions totally discouraged me from continuing in the process,” the person looking for work told the digital complaint channel.

However, the brand immediately responded to the accusation, stating that these types of questions are never asked in the hiring of its personnel or that, at least, these are not part of the standard defined for the election.

“The recruitment process at Flink is 100% focused on knowing the skills and knowledge of the candidates according to the position they are applying for. The questions mentioned in the message are not part of the initial questionnaire that we do and, in the event that they are asked, they are surely a consequence of the conversation that is taking place between the candidate and the recruiter, but they have no effect on the final decision that be taken“, the startup defended itself.

Users divided opinions and, although some remembered the labor regulations and how inappropriate an interview about their personal life could be, there were those who questioned the candidate in question.

Does Neta ‘discourage’ you that they want to know more about you? It is important for several things, they ask you about your marital status and children to find out what benefits are going to include you, with whom you live to find out who you can keep an eye on or who to notify in an emergency. They will hire you for what you know, record that well! And sometimes there are opportunities to move locations and it is always a little more complex for someone with a family than alone. It’s not that the company likes to gossip, it’s just general information“, @charlesperea

That is always asked after making you the job offer. Before it is almost always to see if the candidate is continued or discarded“, @puerkito666

“I work at Flink and the truth is that the recruitment process is super friendly and transparent, I can assure you that the focus is 100% on your skills and knowledge. Usually I am not one to defend the companies where I work but in this particular experience, the truth is, being part of the LGBT community I felt welcomed and celebrated both for who I am and for my experience and knowledge.“, @huarcachiflada

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