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Five Zara kimonos and five ways to wear them throughout the year

Five Zara kimonos and five ways to wear them throughout the year

The kimono has become one of the favorite garments of the most fashionistas, the most ideal alternative to the blazer throughout the year. And it is that this garment of Japanese inspiration and style boho It can wear in winter, it is perfect during halftime and on summer nights. Yes, eternal love for kimono in summer.

Many brands always have different kimono designs in their different seasonal collections, ideal to wear in summer and winter. Zara is one of them. One of our favorite signature firms has these feminine and beautiful models in their seasonal collection. How to combine them? We give you several style tricks to make you look ideal.

It is an off-road and functional garment that adapts to outfits day and night, and is capable of transforming outfits simple into a sweepingly sophisticated one.

With a total look monochrome

zara kimono

A printed kimono is perfect to wear as a coat with a total look monochrome. There are models of less fluid fabrics and with striking floral or ethnic prints that are very sophisticated with outfits wintery The best combination is with a total look. This black and white model is 35.99 euros.

With bathing suit or shorts

zara kimono

combine a kimono jacket in summer It is very easy, since it is a great ally of summer time with three outstanding options: to wear at festivals, on the beach and on summer nights.

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Long kimono with long sleeves finished in elastic, pocket and adjustable waist with cords finished in tassels. Its price is 49.95 euros.

A perfect match with pants

zara kimono

The kimono is the perfect companion for some jeans or pants, and this garment has become an ideal alternative to a blazer. A mid-season bet in a short and long version that is responsible for giving a I touched boho ideal for styling with jeans, both to go to work and casual look.

zara kimono

Printed open kimono with long sleeves and a tie belt in the same fabric. Its price is 69.95 euros.

A guest kimono

zara kimono

The kimono has also become a garment that can be worn for guest styling. The outfits as a guest, they are now lighter and more comfortable, less corseted, so a model to wear as a dress, combined with sandals and bag, you will get an outstanding result. This design is a fantasy. Its price is 69.95 euros.

Short kimono as a suit with a dress

zara kimono

The short kimono as a jacket combines perfectly with dresses and skirts, both better fitting garments. In these cases it is better to choose a model with a belt and smooth like this wonder in red. A perfect model to combine with dark tones.

It is also ideal to wear as a suit, a total look of an outstanding guest. Its price is 49.99 euros.

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