The deficit we face luminosity know that one of our best allies is Vitamin C. But it is not only worth it for that, because this component also protects and repairs the skin from the damage caused, for example, free radicals, reducing and preventing stains, in addition to improving hydration, increasing the ability to synthesize collagen and protects the skin from skin aging. Come on, which is something we cannot miss in our routine.

Therefore, today we wanted to offer you five possibilities, in different stages of our daily routine to include a good dose of Vitamin C. And it is because our body is not able to synthesize and store this soluble vitamin, it is only able to absorb what It needs and the rest eliminates it, at the dermal level, providing it is essential for the development and repair of tissues, since it acts as a shield against external aggressions, provides luminosity and promotes the synthesis of collagen, as we have pointed out. So take note.