Five things you have to know if you are going to adopt a Weimaraner, one of the most elegant dog breeds

Five things you have to know if you are going to adopt a Weimaraner, one of the most elegant dog breeds

Let’s face it: there are breeds of dogs that have the ability to conquer us at first sight and, yes, for us one of them is the Weimaraners. And it is that his gray fur, that athletic and elegant bearing, along with his great character, make him a perfect option to conquer any furry lover.

The origin of the Weimaraner


Perhaps one of the most controversial questions about this breed is the origin that, apparently, could date from end of the 18th century in the Weimar area in Germany. Specifically, it seems that it was a breed of dog that accompanied Charles Augustus, Grand Duke of Weimar in their hunting days.

Precisely thanks to their great skills in this practice, they conquered another member of royalty, the prince Averspeg of Bohemiawho was the one who decided to develop the breed for his own enjoyment and making it practically inaccessible and only for members of the Court, making them almost disappear until it was recovered thanks to crosses a few centuries later.

The size

Weimaraner 3

If the Weimaraner is among your chosen ones to go home, it is clear that there are certain guidelines that are interesting to know as regards its size since if we have a smaller space, it may be more interesting to opt for smaller dog breeds.

Thus, in any case, we have to take into account that we are dealing with dogs of a rather large size where adult males measure between 61 and 69 cm and weigh about 27 kgwhile females measure between 56 and 64 cm and weigh about 22.5 kgwhich means that we have to have a large space where they feel comfortable.

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Coat and care of a Weimaraner

Weimaraner 5

The predominant color of Weimaraner is silvery gray, however, it is true that we also find specimens in other shades such as dark gray.

The good thing about these dogs is that her hair is short, which will not require special care in this sense other than combing them once a week and little else. In fact, they get very little dirty (even after days in the field and mud), which is always a point in their favour.

The character

Weimaraner 4

As far as we know, these are very complete dogs that they love family life, So much so that they feel a great devotion for their own, whom they will protect and watch over, becoming great guard dogs.

Of course, if you are looking for a calm dog in them you will find large doses of energy mixed with stubborn and stubborn touches, but it is also true that they are very easy to trainwhich makes them great companions for families with children.

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Physical activity needs a Weimaraner

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Being a breed of dog mainly indicated for hunting, it must be taken into account that they will need a good dose of physical activity. In fact, it is usually recommended that they have a couple of hours of daily exercise.

Thus, if you are one of those who love long walks, you will be able to find great companions in the Weimar Pointers, who will be very entertaining and completely happy with ball games, races and others.

Conclusion: it is about an elegant, precious, faithful, loving dog and with whom we will never get bored.

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