Five psychologists tell us how to set goals for the coming year and make sure we meet them

Five psychologists tell us how to set goals for the coming year and make sure we meet them

As long as we start a new year we do it with a lot of energy and with thousands of ideas and purposes in mind. However, we rarely manage to comply and we stayed on the road. Or maybe we feel overwhelmed with the final goal, without knowing very well what steps to take.

One of the main interests that people have at this time is set our goals for the new Year. January is a propitious month to rethink new desires and challenges. For this reason, several psychologists invite us to discover the parameters for set goals and achieve them.

Be clear about your values

Many goals fail because people know what they want but not why they want it, so first of all, It is important that we are clear about our values. That is, what we consider important to ourselves.

“Before setting any goal it is essential that you be clear about what they are so that your goals are in tune with these. In this way, what you want and feel will be consistent with what you do“, exposes Ximena García, an expert in well-being and emotional development.

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Define a goal you want to achieve this year


García then invites us to identify how each of our goals is related to what we consider important and question those that are not necessarily ours (what has been imposed on us, what we want because someone wants it for you, etc.)

To do this, it reminds us of the importance of asking ourselves a series of questions such as: What is the purpose of achieving this goal? By achieving this goal, how will it impact my life? Why is this goal so important to me? What is it that gives me gasoline to do it?

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Believe in yourself and commit to yourself


If you don’t believe in yourself and your dream, no one will. If you want to achieve it, believe in it and keep your illusion alive. “Illusion keeps you connected to what you want and aligned with it, like a child who looks forward to finding his Christmas presents,” says Sandra Zubillaga, a psychologist.

In addition, this expert guides us towards the idea of ​​committing ourselves to ourselves, since the most important commitment is the one you establish with yourself when you prioritize your life and put yourself in the center.

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Evaluate the benefits that it produces


Propose to carry out realistic and healthy actions: “Check that the actions you are going to take are realistic and responsible with yourself. It is important not to over demand or saturate yourself,” says García.

Make a list of the benefits and how you will feel achieving this goal. “repeat it every day, even more so when you are unfocused or unmotivated. If the goal you set for yourself doesn’t excite you enough, it’s not yours. Focus on yourself, turn off the outside and think about what you want for yourself,” he adds.

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The experts consulted agree that, every day, the world is going to take care of distracting you in many ways… “Stand firm and say ‘no’. Remind yourself that this is important to you and you’re going to make it.”

Be patient


“Consistency is a superpower,” says Marie Forleo, an American businesswoman and author of the book ‘Everything has a solution’, focused on changing our mentality to transform our lives.

“When setting your goals for this year, keep in mind that the limits are set by each one And to achieve extraordinary results you have to give your 100% and really get involved, risking doing things you haven’t done before,” explains the psychologist Wendy Montenegro, specialist in well-being and development.

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In addition, it clarifies that our objective must be measured and have a date on which it will be achieved. “Always remember to make a analysis of your objective and evaluate that is achievable and relevant in your life,” he concludes.

To be patient, one option is start small: “Ask yourself what small step you could start taking today,” adds Garcia. “For example, if you have set yourself the goal of doing sports four times a week to take care of your health, you can start doing something today and gradually increase the frequency,” he says.

Celebrate every achievement and allow yourself to make mistakes


Celebrate each step you take with a positive comment, it is one more step towards the final goal. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, it’s your process and it’s your rules. Focus on the road and enjoy it.

Little by little you will get closer to the goal: “Congratulate yourself for what you are achieving and be flexible. If you do not do sports for a week and do not eat certain pieces of fruit, it does not mean that you will not achieve what you have proposed. All change entails an effort and you are probably already making more than the previous year”, specifies Nela Larrinaga, health psychologist and neuropsychologist, director of Moana Psychology.

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Please note that the mistakes are part of the learning path and making mistakes, therefore, is part of the process. From these experiences we learn and, thanks to them, from now on, we can prevent harmful situations.

As a closing, the clinical psychologist Mariana Ledesma concludes that to meet the objectives of this new year, the most important thing is to always carry self-love on your way. “Based on that, the keys are not to compare yourself, to be kind to yourself, not to lose sight of the goal, take the falls as learning and remember that processes take time“.

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