Combine garments low cost with signature accessories is something that even Olivia Palermo herself practices and that undoubtedly works. It is a form of join the trends and add luxury to our outfits without spending a fortune.

To do it as a true teacher, it is essential bet on most risky garments economically and combine them with accessories – such as belts – in a timeless style. In this way we invest more in something that will stand the test of time (and fashions).

We have signed five leather belts signed by Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein among others, which are undoubtedly an ideal way to carry out this practice and which will be an important part of our wardrobe background year after year.


In a black leather color (although it is also available in camel) we highlight this belt with a design in square panels, which has a round gold clasp and the initials of Tommy Hilfiger.

A style that fits perfectly with jeans, acting as a classic belt, but that also works with dresses to adjust the silhouette to the waist or even with skirts. We find it for sale on Amazon from 40.50 euros (the price may vary depending on the size and color we choose).

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Belt

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Belt


With a similar aesthetic but with a print full of pure trend logos, we have this belt signed by Michael Kors. A gray leather design with black details, completed by a clasp closure with the brand’s initials.

Undoubtedly a timeless piece, but one that can take center stage in any lookThat is why it will work well with dresses with a minimalist aesthetic and with other basic ones. We have it for sale on Amazon for 92.26 euros.

Michael Kors Gray and brown belt I Genuine leather I Reversible belt I Size MI Length 104 cm with buckle I 3 cm wide I Women's belt 2932

Michael Kors Gray and brown belt I Genuine leather I Reversible belt I Size MI Length 104 cm with buckle I 3 cm wide I Women’s belt 2932


The braided style is perfect to wear with jeans and works especially well with wide leg or bell-leg jeans as it adds a very 70s touch. trendy.

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Is signed by Levi’s With a large silver buckle, it is perfect to achieve that effect in our denim looks. It is available in black, brown and blue leather. We can find it on Amazon from only 13.97 euros (the price varies, of course, depending on the color and size).

Levi's Woven Leather Stretch Belt Belt for Men

Levi’s Woven Leather Stretch Belt Belt for Men


Another interesting proposal from Tommy Hilfiger, is this black leather belt, with the brand’s initials as a fundamental part of the buckle. This has a circular design in silver, easy to combine with any tone.

Again it is a belt with the logo of the firm as the protagonist, which we can combine with pants, skirts and dresses, practically of all styles. We have it on Amazon from 41.95 euros.

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Belt

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Belt


For an accessory to be timeless and versatile, in addition to having a generally minimalist design, it should be of quality and that its color is as neutral as possible. This is the case with this camel-colored leather belt (a shade easy to combine at any time of year) from Calvin Klein.

A commitment to simplicity, which has as its only detail the logo of the brand in mini size next to the golden and rectangular buckle. We will find it for sale on Amazon in size 75 only, for 31.13 euros.

Calvin Klein Women's Belt

Calvin Klein Women’s Belt

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