Five haircuts 2022 for fine hair

Five haircuts 2022 for fine hair

all we have fine hair We know that it is not easy to find a haircut that combines trends, style, that is easy to comb and that, in addition, gives us some volume and body. It is clear that, many times, we have to end up giving up some of the pretensions but, in reality, it should not be like that if we are able to find the right cut.

For this reason, we are going to review four that the Blow Dry Bar hairdresser in Madrid recommends and that will surely convince us. And it is that, as the professionals of the salon point out to us “Fine hair tends to get oily, frizzy and lose volume at the root more easily, which translates into an (apparently) careless mane. An appropriate haircut can be the solution to look “great hair” with volume and density”.

bob haircut

Fine Hair 6

Undoubtedly, this cut is a great option for all of us who have fine hair and, as we are told, it is. “in all its versions and for all types of hair. This type of cut will ensure density and volume from the root to the tip. You can go for a bob with a medium neckline without layers, or a bob with long layers or straight hair. All these cuts will make you look a mane with body and personality “.

In fact, in this sense, it is also possible to bring the words of Manuel Mon by Manuel Mon Estilistas who says that “When it comes to cuts, long layers give movement and texture. However, short ones work best, especially a pixie or full short bob.”

medium hair

Fine Hair 3

If you have decided that the previous one is not yours because it is too short, they also offer us a half mane, a midi mane that we know because “Those manes of fine hair tend to languish at the root; to avoid this effect, mid-length cuts with invisible layers are a very good option for those who are less risky”.


Fine Hair 2

It is an infallible trick. Parading the contour of the face will provide more body and balance. For the most daring, long razor-cut fringe is a great option to finish off fine, dull hair.


Of course, if we are looking for a more radical cut and change our style by joining the trends of the moment, the pixia is our best option. Thus, experts tell us that “If what we want is to ensure volume and thickness, this type of cut is ideal. With long layers at the root and in the front that will add personality and body to our hair.”

XXL manes

Fine Hair 7

Having fine hair does not mean that we cannot boast long hair. It is true that weight usually reduces volume but, as professionals tell us, “if worked properly, it is a perfect option for those who do not want to give up the length of their hair and at the same time show it off with volume and body”. So here we will have to add styling products that give us that body we are looking for.

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How to style fine hair

As for how to treat hair of this type, it is as important as the cut. Therefore, we will give you some more expert tips to transfer them to our own looks.

learn to dry it

Rachel Saiz from Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz tells us about her tricks to give strength to the root, which is essential for it to look more voluminous and in that the drying process: “Dry the hair first and move it with your hands, directing the air from the bottom to the top and emphasizing the roots. When it is almost 90% dry, then start brushing, if necessary, to give it the shape you want If you brush wet hair, what you will do is make it heavier, however, it gains volume.”

Fine Hair 5

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allied products

Raphael Good Rafael Bueno Peluqueros tells us that there are finishing products that help improve the texture of our hair. A) Yes, “dry shampoo allows you to space out the washes and keep the natural fat for longer, which gives it more thickness. To style, both the day you wash it or not, texturizing sprays or creams should always be light so as not to add weight, but to strengthen its appearance, give body.”

Fine Hair 4

For its part, charo garcia of Ilitia Beauty & Science comments that “Volumizing powders easily volumize at the root and, in fact, are the only products that are applied to this area. The rest are used for mid-lengths and ends, in fact, the ideal is to start from the bottom up. At first put little and increase if necessary.”

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