Games-To-Win or Play-To-Earn in English are becoming increasingly popular thanks to cryptocurrencies, Since they reward players with financial incentives, in this article you will discover the five gaming tokens with the most potential for 2022. Take note!

● Gaming tokens offer a unique framework that can transform your gaming time into a source of income.

● Many people know about cryptocurrencies: money that comes in digital form. Gaming tokens can offer a fast and convenient way to earn money if you know how to manage tokens.

Gaming Tokens

Blockchain games that use gaming tokens have gained popularity across the market due to the fact that they implement many innovative aspects.

They leverage the blockchain to do numerous things, such as empowering players through their native governance tokens so that they can steer the game in the direction they think is necessary or simply allow them to take advantage of specific features within the game. keeping the native cryptocurrency tokens available there.

Since you know what they are, you have to define which of all the gaming tokens that exist in the market deserve your attention and which can increase your profits. Here are five gaming tokens to watch out for during 2022.

1. Mines of Dalarnia. Crypto: DAR

Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure game project featuring a unique blockchain-powered real estate market. The player base is divided into two cooperating factions: miners and landowners.

Miners fight monsters and destroy blocks to find precious resources, while landowners provide the land and resources. Players can also team up with friends to defeat monsters, complete missions, and unlock in-game rewards.

Why is it one of the gaming tokens with the most potential for 2022? For its variety of assets that are in the fore. For example, the Mines of Dalarnia game assets are available for purchase on various NFT Marketplace, one of the best known is Binance, where they will present the next IGO collection for the first quarter of the year. Also, the in-game currency, DAR, is very well positioned. This is because it is successfully used for all transactions in the game, including upgrades, skill progression, and governance, transaction fees, and more.

2. My Neighbor Alice. Crypto: ALICE

My Neighbor Alice is the second of the 5 gaming tokens to consider for 2022. It is a multiplayer world-building game that combines the best of both worlds, an engaging experience for regular gamers, and an ecosystem for merchants and NFT collectors.

Players buy and own virtual land in the form of Alice’s or market’s NFT token. As the supply of available land is scarce within the game, prices fluctuate in the market, therefore, entering to play means becoming an excellent landowner to obtain additional benefits through the reputation system in the game. In addition to land, players can purchase and use in-game assets such as houses, animals, vegetables, decorations, or cosmetic items for their avatar.

Why is it one of the gaming tokens with the most potential for 2022? Due to its solid economy system, for example, the main currency of the game is the Alice token, this is used for transactions in the game, such as the purchase of land, and specific DeFi services such as participation, guarantee and buyback.

3. Axie Infinity. Crypto: AXS

Known among the crypto community, Axie Infinity has one of the gaming tokens with the most projection for 2022. Inspired by Pokémon, where players fight, breed and trade fantasy creatures called Axies, this game encourages players to face their Axies with each other in exchange for an in-game currency called Small Love Potions (SLP). Each Axie is also an NFT that can be bought or sold on the NFT markets.

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It is one of the fastest developing games in the crypto industry and it took a short time to catch on. Among the features, to start the game, a player must buy at least three creatures. Although they cost some money, they will be fairly reimbursed if you are successful in-game.

And it is that there are many possibilities of being successful. You can get to increase your capital to continue exchanging and earning money.

4. The SandBox. Crypto: SAND

The Sandbox is a virtual Play-to-Earn universe, where users can own land, play games, or even build their own game. If you decide to bet on this game in 2022, your actions will be to contribute to the virtual world as a collector, artist or participating in the different games as a regular player.

If you are looking to buy digital land or real estate, The Sandbox is a 3D game that could allow you to grow financially. One of the dynamics is through the creation of their own worlds and the purchase of digital real estate called LAND.

To get all kinds of upgrades, you need to buy the in-game currency: SAND, and thanks to this currency, players can buy the necessary equipment, make upgrades, and develop their worlds.

Why is it one of the five gaming tokens with the most potential in 2022? Because the game is 100% decentralized and players are free to do whatever they want within it, in addition to the support of a stable and profitable economic system.

5. Illuvium. Crypto: ILV

Illuvium is a blockchain game in an open world RPG environment. Players travel through a fantasy world, defeating and trapping creatures known as Illuvials. Once in your collection, Illivuals can be used in battle against other players while on missions, completing challenges, or playing through Illuvium history.

Illuvium’s market cap is $ 460 million and is perhaps due to the familiarity of the main mechanics of the Illuvium project: collecting and customizing your NFT Illuvials.

Each Illuvial has a corresponding affinity and class. There are five classes and five affinities, all with unique strengths and weaknesses. If your Illuvial becomes more powerful as you win battles and complete missions, you can earn money from it too.

Additionally, all Illivium in-game assets, including Illuvials and items, can be traded on an NFT market, and can continue to be earned through in-game Illuvium currencies, ILV and sILV, to start betting on the Ilivium platform, or in the Flash Pools of its partners.

The NFT gaming space will continue to grow and be more widely adopted. These gaming tokens will be some of the hundreds that we will hear in 2022, but without a doubt we must look at them in the future.

(Clarification: This material does not constitute a financial analysis or a recommendation. The analysis presented here corresponds to Ronny Roehrig and under no circumstances is it an investment recommendation from Cointelegraph. Anyone, before investing, should do their own research and is responsible for their own decisions).

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