Five extra large earrings for your guest looks to gain originality this season (and for less than 60 euros)

Five extra large earrings for your guest looks to gain originality this season (and for less than 60 euros)

sound wedding bells and you are one of his guests. The time has begun where wanting to find the perfect look can become a priority (even bordering on obsession), but far from changing your outfit, the best formula is change accessories. Wearing the same dress at each wedding but varying the accessories is quite a feat, and they are capable of transforming the entire look. After the important role of rhinestone earrings or falling in love with a jewel-type cap, today we show you five large (huge) earrings full of personality that want to become the center of attention.

Crown jewel

There is no need to open the safe and take out our family’s heirlooms in fear of losing them: today there are firms that launch options in costume jewelry that seem to be taken from Elizabeth II’s jewelery box. Large and tear-like, these options will amaze everyone.

Guest Party Earrings Xxl 01
  • Clearine red teardrop earrings, 14.99 euros.

Red earrings.

Guest Party Earrings Xxl 02

Dada Burma vintage green earrings with zircons.

Dada Burma vintage green earrings with zircons.

Green, the color of hope

They say that the color green is synonymous with hope, however for us it is a color full of personality and trend. Varying in style, and knowing that for tastes the colors sizes, these options promise to knock out the staff.

Guest Party Earrings Xxl 03
  • Tempus Fugit two-tone earrings, 11 euros.

In addition, Bimba y Lola reminds us that there are no limits in the world of fashion and presents a version that will not go unnoticed.

Guest Party Earrings Xxl 04
  • Bimba y Lola flower-shaped metal earring, 85 euros 59 euros.

Some earrings with pearls in a modern version

We know that hoop earrings are a lifelong design and that pearls are synonymous with classic elegance. Zara intends to transform its meaning and unites the two concepts to create fun earrings that we will want to wear 24/7 thanks to small details in full color.

Guest Party Earrings Xxl 05
  • Hoop earrings with pearl appliqué and multicolored beads from Zara, €12.95 €7.99.

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