Five ‘Eternals’ stories we’d like to see in the future

Five ‘Eternals’ stories we’d like to see in the future

Eternals from Chloe Zhao, available on Disney + Since January 12, it was one of the most criticized films of the year 2021. Also one of the highest grossing, controversial and the ones that divided critics most sharply. Considered “boring, slow and pretentious” by some and “cult work” by others, Eternals seems to have a hard time finding its place. But especially, to provide a coherent explanation for the relevance of its very existence.

Did the overcrowded Marvel universe need ten new heroes? It is a direct questioning of the sustainability of the franchise. Much more so when Marvel’s exploration of new spaces as series brought new dimensions to beloved heroes. So the oldest creatures in Marvel mythology they have real trouble holding on. Much more so when the film has the strange honor of having become a point of debate for fans.

What do the group of characters bring to the saga as we know it? Perhaps, much more than you think. There is at least five stories we would like to know about Eternals. In particular, how much and how they relate to the events that we know about and that are part of the official Marvel cinematic canon. We leave you five possibilities that you could explore in the future, either in sequels or even in a series of independent stories.

What happened to The Eternals after Thanos’ snap?

As comic book fans know, Thanos is Thena’s cousin. And he also carries Deviant genes, which caused his peculiar appearance and his madness. At the cinema, the data was intentionally omitted perhaps to keep the group of heroes at a distance from the rest of the Marvel stories.

However, it was made clear at various points in the film that the Eternals were aware of, suffered, and worried about the deadly snap. The big question is, were they victims like the rest of the universe? Who disappeared and returned? Did their status as technologically advanced robots keep them out of it? Although it seems obvious, the fact that everyone had a conscience could make them part of the concept of “life” of Thanos.

Of course, there is also the question of what was Los Eternos’ reaction to such a debacle. Beyond his maxim of not intervening, the world chaos may have affected them in one way or another. How could they have done it?

All of the above could be storylines for a limited series or even an episode of the animated What would happen if…?

What was Phastos’s involvement in WWII like?

In one of the hardest scenes of Eternals Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry) can be seen sobbing in horror over the remains of Hiroshima. Beside him is Ajak (Salma Hayek) who tries to comfort him. In the midst of despair the character blames himself for what happened and hints that he had some involvement. This is notoriously a time point of considerable importance. What allows to analyze several things at the same time.

Marvel studios

Did Phastos meet Howard Stark? Or maybe Steve Rogers before the disastrous outcome of the atomic bomb, could he interact in some project … maybe the super soldier serum? The possibilities are endless. All of special interest when the collaboration of the character seems of utmost importance in several scenarios at the same time.

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The story could be a standalone series, even a limited spin-off or an episode of What would happen if…?

Kingo Sunen’s film career

After against all odds Kevin Feige decided to include a full act from Avengers, The Musical as post-credits of Hawkeye, everything is possible. Including perhaps a humorous series dedicated to the Bollywood career of Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani), the media star of the superhero group.

But beyond the mocking appeal of such a thing, it would be of enormous interest to see an Eternal interact with the human world. After all, at various points in the movie the character explains his experience. Also about what it’s like to stay young while everyone around you ages. And even what it was like to hide his condition with a supposed family dynasty of actors. As if that weren’t enough, it would be of enormous interest to see Kingo amidst the political changes in India. A window into history from the eyes of an atypical superhero.

Can you imagine something similar as a limited series in the Loki style?

Druig’s years of isolation

By far, he is the most enigmatic Eternal. Druig (Barry Keoghan) and his curious ability to control the minds of those around him is an ambiguous and unsettling character. One who broke away from the original group to live completely isolated and apparently in tight control of an army of human beings. Hostages? A forced family? Something more gloomy?

Of all the group of new superheroes he is the closest to a supervillain. Also to a creature that could make decisions against the harsh ethics of the Eternals, should the need arise. Wouldn’t it be extraordinary to see what happened during his years of seclusion? Even a future story?

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And let’s face it, we all want to see his love story with Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) the underbelly of a cryptic creature. Maybe in a movie for Disney +?

Eternals in Athens

Thena (Angelina Jolie) had to make it clear several times in Eternals that despite being confused with the Greek goddess, she was not. But without any doubt, the confusion is not accidental and seems to come from some previous existence on the streets of the ancient world. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see where the confusion comes from?

Of course, there is already interest in the subject. Screenwriters Chloe Zhao, Patrick Burleigh, Ryan and Kaz Firpo they told CBR In November they have thought of a series. And that precisely one of the chapters could be Thena’s vision of Greece and her experience as a warrior. What would you think of a series with something similar?