five clones difficult to differentiate that we can already find in the store

five clones difficult to differentiate that we can already find in the store

ZaraHere is a paradise for many fashion victims who see each season how the firm launches designs full of trend at affordable prices. Although their collections are usually varied and endless, on many occasions we find designs that are inspired by other great designers. Far from going after the trail of luxury brands, Shein has decided clone iconic models of the Spanish firm, and today we show it to you with several palpable examples.

The famous green bag can be yours for less

A year ago Zara invaded street style with its famous green “plague” bag -which in turn was inspired by the Chain Casette by Bottega Veneta-. On sale for 22.95 euros, this design was presented in countless colors months later. Now the Chinese giant offers us a version of the most similar for less: 15.50 euros.

Zara Shein Clones 01

On the left the Zara plague bag, on the right the bag proposed by Shein

Available in a total of 25 shades, the choice of color is complicated.

Full color suit pants

With a high waist, ankle length and a matching lined belt, the Spanish firm has opted for this design this season. So much so that it offers it in six different colors. On sale for 29.95 euros, we find this option very similar in Shein. Its price? 18 euros.

The perfect floral dress for between seasons

Shirt type, with long sleeves and in full colour: this satin dress with a floral print soon fell in love with the fans of the Inditex Group. Forming part of the new Spring-Summer 2022 collection, this garment can be ours for 29.95 euros… or 15 euros if we opt for the Chinese version.

Zara Shein Clones 04

On the left the Zara design, on the right the Shein design

In addition, we can also get hold of the clone of the poplin dress with cut out details at the waist. While at Zara we have it for 39.95 euros, at Shein there is a very similar version for 23 euros.

Zara Shein Clones 05

On the left the famous Zara dress, on the right the option proposed by Shein

Sandals that adapt to everything

The rage for PVC sandals is still present in the world of fashion and Zara has launched a completely transparent version, perfect for the time of weddings, baptisms and communions. Able to blend in with any style -and on sale for 29.95 euros-, Shein has a very similar design but with a nude-colored sole. Available for 13 euros, these become the best version low cost.

Zara Shein Clones 03

On the left the Zara sandals, on the right those of Shein

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