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First opinions of The Rings of Power

First opinions of The Rings of Power

Although there are still a couple of months to go before the premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime Video, several lucky people had the opportunity to attend an early event, where they spoke with the team in charge of this project, and witnessed a preview of the series. The opinions of these people are already online, and the first reactions are quite positive.

Several members of the JRR Tolkien community witnessed part of the first episode of The Rings of Power. This, together with conversations with the creative minds behind the project, managed to convince the great fans of Middle-earth, who have mentioned that the series will honor the books. This was what they commented:

“Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power looks like it should, sounds like it should, and feels like a return to the comfortable universe we all love.”

“Last week the folks at @LOTRonPrime invited me, along with a bunch of Tolkien internet folks, to attend an advanced screening of the #RingsofPower series and meet the showrunners. I have to say: after meeting them, I feel like the show is in VERY good hands.”

“I was lucky enough to be invited by Amazon Prime Video to see some footage from the upcoming #RingsOfPower and meet the showrunners.

I was excited about the visuals and am looking forward to the show even more now. But what really excited me was the chance to hear from the showrunners.

They know Tolkien and pretty much every concern and challenge I’ve thought of over the years in adapting the Second Age, they’ve clearly worked themselves out.”

“Amazon invited me to an event in London where I saw part of the series and met the showrunners. The showrunners were excellent and their passion filled me with confidence and time will tell if that translates to screen!

The sneak peek was encouraging with the scale and scope of this really brilliant production, but it still left me with some lingering unanswered concerns. The day in Oxford was amazing and meeting all the other content creators was sheer joy!”

“@LOTROnPrime took @tolkienprof and I to London last week to see snippets of #RingsofPower, Tolkien’s Oxford and meet the show directors, who kept up with the best of us. Their passion and knowledge made me feel like they were one of us; they get it. I feel very optimistic!”

It seems that The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is on a good path. Considering that there is still some time before the premiere of the series, something that will happen next September 2, 2022 on Prime Videoit is very likely that Amazon will show us another sneak peek in the coming weeks.

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On related topics, EA is already working on a new Lord of the Rings game. Similarly, here you can see the new images of the series.


Editor’s note:

Apparently, it seems that The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power It’s everything Middle-earth fans have been waiting for for years. Of course, we still have to see the final product. Likewise, these are expert opinions on Tolkien, it will be interesting to see how audiences who aren’t that into Tolkien’s work react.

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