First official preview of the new BMW M2 2023, its world debut prepared for summer

First official preview of the new BMW M2 2023, its world debut prepared for summer

Goodbye to camouflaged prototypes. The new BMW M2 Coupé is already preparing its world premiere, a debut that will take place at the beginning of this coming summer, in a matter of weeks. The sports brand has presented a first official preview in which it has revealed one of the arguments of this wild sports car, speed.

After the calm, the storm arrives, but in the case of those from Munich it seems more than complicated that they have a moment of calm with the program of new releases that count for the entire year 2022 and well into 2023. A powerful year of news that has already kicked off with the presentation of the brutal M4 CSL and that already has another of the wildest creations on the launch ramp.

Its about new BMW M2 2023, one of the first icing on the cake of the new range of the BMW 2 Series Coupé that is now ready to be presented. The brand has already advanced the first official teaser, leaving aside the prototypes that have been posing -more camouflaged than the test units seen in spy photos- on the desert roads of Mexico and at the gates of the factory in San Luis de Potosí, where it will be produced exclusively worldwide. For now there is no specific date for the new M2, but the global debut is expected in just over a month.

First official announcement of the new BMW M2 Coupé 2023, second most compact two-door beast

The new BMW M2 Coupé 2023, practically without rival

A new beast that is going to make your hair stand on end and that has already shown one of its qualities, that of performance. Specifically, a high top speed, because under the hood it has the same six cylinders in line and 3.0 liters biturbo of the M4, but with deflated peak power from 480 to 450 hp. More than enough and at the level of what is today the king of compact cars in the brand, the M2 CS. No unit limit and with all the cavalry to the rear axlefans are already preparing and rubbing their hands.

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The new M2 will be perfectly distinguished from the rest of the Series 2 Coupé versions, adopting a unique personality. There are only a few weeks left to admire the new sports car without camouflage, a much more aggressive style that will also bring important new features inside. The carbon bucket seats of the older brother will be some of them, as well as an element that is not available in the conventional range: the curved screen.

BMW is about to keep its word, when it pointed out that the top of the sport compact range would be very different from what has been known until now. And it is that this is the first of the two sports versions that will arrive. To the wild M2 that is about to be unveiled, will be joined within a year by the extremely brutal BMW M2 CSL 2023a version that will be more limited in units, with a dynamic approach based on the circuits and at the level of the M4, but lighter that will allow it to seriously fly on the finest tarmac.