First look at the new Microsoft Defender app

First look at the new Microsoft Defender app

It is no secret that Microsoft is developing a new Microsoft Defender application, its own antivirus. Now, thanks to Aggiornamenti Lumia, we already have the first images of what the final version of this new security application looks like.

Windows Defender it gained popularity over the years. With Windows 8 we already saw what it was capable of but it was during the Windows 10 era when it has established itself as one of the best security solutions on the market.

Microsoft wants to renew and expand this service. Consequently, they have changed their name to “Microsoft Defender” and have developed a new Web Application created with WPF capable of reaching other platforms such as ios, MacOS or Android.

First look before the imminent launch of Microsoft Defender

On this occasion, the boys of Aggiornamenti Lumia have shared on their Twitter account an image of the final appearance of Microsoft Defender in Windows 11 and in Android. The application looks modern and adapted to the new design lines proposed by the North American giant.

New Microsoft Defender app on Android and Windows 11.

Microsoft is following a mixed strategy with its new applications. The web seems to be more important They have never and have shown it not only in this application, but also in the Microsoft Teams integrated in Windows 11 or in the new Outlook application that is to come.

As it is now a standalone application in Windows 11, it will be much easier for Microsoft to update it and introduce new features without having to do it together with updates to the operating system.

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Microsoft Defender has excellent stats compared to other free antivirus programs, often packed with ads or with less precise virus definitions. It is a completely reliable option to protect our devices.

And you, what do you think of Defender? Do you think it is at the level of its competitors? Will a web application be able to deliver performance that is up to the task?