A few weeks ago you did not need to buy an NFT plant in Plant vs Undead to withdraw the money you made in the game. However, some practices by a group of players led the game developers to release Farm 2.5 in Plant vs Undead in which they practically forced you to buy an NFT plant.

Why do you have to buy an NFT plant at Plant vs Undead?

Plant vs Undead has suffered several crashes on its servers due to the misuse that some users have given the game. Many people invested money in this game and in less than a week they were already withdrawing their PVU, that is, they saw in Plant vs Undead a short-term investment.

The truth is, people who saw Plant vs Undead as a short-term investment put the game’s business model and the investments of other players at risk. To avoid the end of the game, the developers decided to put some requirements for Plant vs Undead players to withdraw their money from the game.

One of the requirements to withdraw money from Plant vs Undead is that players must have at least one NFT plant and pay 4 PVUs. In this way, players have to reinvest the LE they produce in Plant vs Undead until they manage to buy their first NFT plant. Note that a player who has started to play Plant vs Undead with 5 PVUs will take approximately 2 months to purchase their first NFT plant.

Find out why you need to buy an NFT plant at Plant vs Undead

You also have to know that the fact that Plant vs Undead forces you to buy an NFT plant has another underlying reason and that is that its users have a long-term relationship with the game.

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Players of Plant vs Undead will no longer want to take their winnings and withdraw from the game, but will continue to invest in the game for more income.

In addition, the measure of Plant vs Undead that makes you buy an NFT plant also guarantees that the game has a greater future projection. Remember that this game is a version of Plants Vs. Zombies in which you can win cryptocurrencies and in which to be able to fight against the Undead you have to have an army of NFT plants.

In any case, if you haven’t started this game, this is all you need to know to start playing Plant vs Undead. You also have to know that the developers of this game constantly make changes to the platform to improve its security.