Find mold in Paleta Payaso, claim and thus reward Ricolino

Find mold in Paleta Payaso, claim and thus reward Ricolino

Ricolino knew how to respond well to the complaint of a consumer who, she says, found mold on her Payaso Shoulder and the reward was not long in coming.

What initially would have been one more complaint about one of Ricolino’s most popular products, the Payaso Paleta, became a major brand move that can now be said to have regained the trust of a consumer.

The market today makes available to consumers a wide range of products of all kinds and for all tastes, with the sale of sweet products being one of the highest revenues generated year after year.

This is stated in a Statista study that shows the net sales of the leading candy and confectionery companies in the world during 2021. According to what is reported, Mars Wrigley Confectionery led with 10 billion dollars, while Ferrero Group was in second place with 13 thousand 566 million dollars. Finally, Mondelez International appears in third with 11 thousand 467 million dollars, among other recognized brands.

From this perspective, Mexico is one of the countries where this type of product is consumed the most, from chocolates, solid caramel, enchilada popsicles, ice cream, among many others.

According to a study conducted by Brand Asset Valuator, a brand analysis laboratory, products such as Bubu Lubu, Panditas, Chocoretas, Paleta Payaso and Kranky, all belonging to Ricolino, are the most consumed by Mexicans.

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Ricolino rewards consumer after finding mold in Paleta Payaso

The Paleta Payaso, as we already mentioned, is one of the most consumed sweets by Mexicans, proof of this is the story told in a tweet in which a user reveals that she had found mold on a palette and, for this reason, resorted to social networks to express your complaint.

Given this, according to what it reports, the brand began to follow up on the case and, in the end, decided to leave him a reward: a complete box containing 15 pieces of Paleta Clown.

For companies, it is vitally important to maintain the trust and preference of their consumers, especially at a time when they are constantly changing.

A similar case recently occurred with Sabritas, which, in the same way, received a complaint from a consumer and days later the brand decided to reward her with a box with various products (potatoes) of the brand.

As happened with Ricolino, what started with a complaint became a great move by Sabritas in order to continue to have the trust and preference of the consumer.


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Marketing strategies are of vital importance for companies; It is not only about reaching a new consumer niche, but also maintaining the trust of those who, over the years, have been gaining.

Today, Ricolino is the favorite candy brand of the Mexican consumer, a company that has managed to register a valuation of 91.27 percent in the market.

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