Final Fantasy XVI was inspired by open world games

Final Fantasy XVI was inspired by open world games

During the State of Play a couple of weeks ago, the first trailer for Final Fantasy XVI was presented, the most recent main installment of the series that will arrive on PlayStation 5 in 2023. Although the trailer showed us some huge scenarios that we can explore when the game is released, its producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that Final Fantasy XVI is not an open world game.

Naoki Yoshida has already confirmed that Final Fantasy XVI is not an open world game like Final Fantasy XV, but he still took inspirations from some AAA games in the genre, although he did not specify which ones or what inspirations he took from. According to Yoshida, Final Fantasy XVI focuses on area-based design.

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In an interview with IGN, producer Naoki Yoshida says that they discovered that there is a younger generation of gamers who have never played a Final Fantasy or have an interest in the series, so they decided to play a lot of recent games so they can create one that can excite. to new fans, as well as resonate with their core fans. Because of this, FF16 was inspired by some modern open world AAA games.

However, Yoshida says that they avoided following an open world structure in order to be able to tell a story that feels like it encompasses the entire world and beyond. In this way, Square Enix was able to focus on independent area-based game design, thereby seeking to give players a sense of global scale.

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Final Fantasy XIII was heavily criticized at the time for being an extremely linear game, taking place along corridors for most of the game. This may have been one of the main reasons they made Final Fantasy XV open world, but it seems that with Final Fantasy XVI we are in for a more traditional experience.