Filter the Special Editions of God of War: Ragnarok

Filter the Special Editions of God of War: Ragnarok

According to reports, the launch of God of War: Ragnarok is scheduled for November, and many believed that the release date reveal would be today. But it seems that the announcement has been delayed, for one reason or another, and this apparent delay came shortly after Cory Barlog asked God of War fans for patience.

It’s clear that there are several factors at play, and whatever the reason, fans will have more information sooner or later. The logical thing is that if God of War: Ragnarok is targeting a November release, this is relatively soon.

Now, according to well-known insider Tom Henderson, it appears the announcement was made in a blog post along with details about the Jotnar and Collector’s Editions of the game.

He also said that a gameplay trailer would have arrived the same day, but perhaps with this delay, all of this will come together later. However, this is largely speculation. It remains to be seen, but Henderson reports some interesting elements associated with the aforementioned editions.

The Jotnar edition is the most important, as it includes a version of the game and a 1:1 replica of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. It’s not uncommon for statues to come bundled with special editions of the game, but this would be pretty cool nonetheless.

The other version is less detailed in Henderson’s report, but comes with a few other things. Includes some badges and a world map. It seems that the Jotnar edition is special and focuses solely on Mjolnir as a bonus, but other items are said to come with the Jotnar Collector’s Edition. God of War: Ragnarok.

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Since neither Sony nor Santa Monica Studio have commented on it, fans should take it with a grain of salt. It looks like fans will get the official release date, information about these editions, and a gameplay trailer relatively soon, once the delay is resolved.