FIAT 500X 2022, the Italian SUV unveils design innovations

FIAT 500X 2022, the Italian SUV unveils design innovations

The new FIAT 500X 2022 has been presented in society. FIAT’s only SUV unveils design innovations to face the new year. Despite these changes, the RED special edition remains in the portfolio along with the rest of the trim levels that make up the range.

FIAT has introduced important novelties in the range of its only SUV with the aim of facing in the best possible way the year that we have recently started. The new FIAT 500X 2022 It has been presented and brings with it design changes. Some modifications that take place shortly after the launch of the convertible body variant.

How has the Italian SUV changed? Just take a quick look at the images that accompany this article to discover the novelties that have occurred in the exterior design and that have to do with the logo that appears both on the front and on the back. Let’s go into detail.

The new FIAT 500X 2022 has been presented in society. Maintains special edition RED

The news of the new FIAT 500X 2022

Whole range 500X presents a renewed front with the new logo “500” while on the rear is the inscription «FIAT» as a great novelty. These are two small design details that allow the 500X to adapt to the new design language that the company is following and, above all, to the new brand image.

The new 500X 2022 has entered the scene in a Dolcevita body variant with a canvas roof and in RED special edition. Therefore, and despite these changes, FIAT has chosen to keep in its portfolio this very interesting version that adds different aesthetic elements and specific finishes to the cabin. It also boasts standard equipment.

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As with the rest of FIAT’s RED models, the special edition of the Italian SUV is equipped with an air conditioning system with an air filter, treated with a biocidal substance highly effective against bacteria. The steering wheel and seats, as well as the high-contact surfaces, are also subjected to a biocidal treatment. And to this we must add a welcome kit with a specially designed dispenser and a specific key casing.

FIAT 500X 2022 - interior
The upholstery of the new FIAT 500X 2022 in special RED version

The 2022 range of the FIAT 500X

The new range With which the 500X will face the coming months, it consists, in addition to the aforementioned special edition, of the Cult, Club, Cross and Sport trim levels. To this must be added the two body variants available: Saloon and Dolcevita with soft top.