Fernando Alonso, fifth and with a message to the FIA: “I hope to be fourth because of Leclerc”

Fernando Alonso, fifth and with a message to the FIA: “I hope to be fourth because of Leclerc”

On the day that Carlos Sainz has joined Fernando Alonso as the only Spanish driver to win in Formula 1, the Alpine driver has achieved fifth position, finally a result in keeping with his potential and that of the car.

In Canada, Fernando Alonso He showed a very competitive pace and even seemed to be in a position to challenge for the podium until the problems began to arrive.

In Silverstone, with all the favorites in the top positions on the grid, a podium was not a realistic goal, but perhaps a top five finish in the race was. And so it was, as Fernando Alonso confirmed that he had more than enough pace to compete with Lando Norris’s McLaren, and the problems of Max Verstappen and the abandonment of George Russell did the rest.

Fernando Alonso started seventh on the grid, but was placed fifth after an exceptional start. However, the strong accident carried out by Guanyu Zhou stopped the race and it had to be repeated.

In the second start, Alonso was unable to repeat what was achieved in the first, but remained seventh and with a good pace (which became sixth after Verstappen’s problems). In fact, the Asturian extended his first relay with medium tiresIt was much longer than expected and, this time, a safety car arrived at the right time and allowed him to take advantage of the situation to change his tires and place fifth, ahead of Lando Norris’s McLaren.

Even the Spanish driver could have achieved more, because after resuming the race 11 laps from the end after the appearance of the safety car, he knew how to stay ready to take advantage of the intense fight for second place fought by Charles Leclerc, Sergio Pérez and Lewis Hamilton.

Finally, there were no incidents and Fernando Alonso knew how to certify a fifth position that allows him to add his fifth consecutive race among the top ten, already adding 28 points.

Stick to the FIA

After the race, Fernando Alonso analyzed his fifth position, taking the opportunity to send a message to the FIA on account of the sanction he received in Canada for his defense over Bottas on the last lap of the race.

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“I hope to be fourth, because Charles (Leclerc) moved three or four times in front of Hamilton on the back straight. I moved once in Canada and got a 5 second penalty, so for moving three times it will be 15 seconds of penalty for Charles»he stated with a sarcastic smile on his face.

«The truth is that very well, I think it has been the best race of the year in terms of competitiveness. The first start we did quite well and then we were relocated again, unfortunately. All those who started behind us disappeared, therefore everyone gained positions except for the first seven”, lamented Alonso regarding the start of the race.

“Still, we started well again and had a good race. Checo (Perez) had a puncture or something and Max (Verstappen) had problems, so we gained two positions. Russell with the accident we also won it, so we already put ourselves in the fight for the Top 5 »the Asturian has reported.

In the final part, Fernando Alonso has recognized that he was more aware of protecting himself from Norris than of attacking a Leclerc whom he took for granted that they were going to sanction, although the FIA ​​hasn’t even investigated it.

“In the end, yes we could have fought a little more, but to tell you the truth I was more worried about Norris than Leclerc. Since I saw the three changes of direction I knew they were going to be five seconds, if they weren’t it would be a movie»he concluded.

Photos: Alpine F1 Team