feel human

feel human

It seems that education is a service that seeks to have a seat in the front row of a show that you do not want to attend.

From the voice of the student comments are heard that evade the problem by blaming the educational system. On the one hand, you can hear: there is a lack of financial resources, the school spaces seem to belong to the Middle Ages, the teacher does not entertain me, the teacher is boring, everything is just a yara yara show, the platform is not attractive, the document is long. , knowledge no longer applies and what they teach me is useless for life.

On the other hand, the educational mentors and counselors comment: the level of disconnection and low commitment of the students is appalling, the students are described as: tired, overwhelmed, exhausted. In the groups of teachers, the great struggle that young people make to focus their attention on tasks both inside and outside of class is commented on.

It seems that social elements such as: geopolitical conflicts, recovery from the pandemic, economic problems and excess of junk information are consuming the useful capacity of the neural processor that allows learning. What to do in this situation of pessimism that can lead to fatalism?

The first thing to be aware of is humanity itself. The human being has interests, affections, knowledge, trusts, believes and with this he aligns himself with the values ​​that he considers common. Children look to adults for guidance. Teenagers in their partners or friends. Adults in experts or gurus who appear.

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When a person is able with his life testimony to demonstrate the values ​​he has, he generates credibility. Members of a family or social group who have it inspire confidence. Human transactions from a sale, advice, medical attention, selection of a university are executed by that trust in the one who communicates it.

This leads to a deepening of knowledge and affection, logical and emotional intelligence, which leads to an interest. The real fact is that today no one believes that education is the salvation from problems. For the same reason there is distrust in that unknown beast that is the educational system and it is criticized or desired to be modified with fragile supports that make it more difficult to believe in it.

The human and psychological principles that lead to support a vision or proposal of a better near future are simple. No one believes who does not trust. No one trusts someone they don’t know. Nobody knows who they don’t love. And the love arises from an interest.

The second thing that must be done today is to align values, credibility, trust, knowledge, affection, interest in the ability to support from university classrooms, physical or virtual, to promote one individual at a time so that each one seeks to grow. to its best version. The change will not come from heaven or by a vaccine of hope.