Despite not being a new product Microsoft Lists is a great solution. This service, born of SharePoint allows us to have Lists with a unique level of customization. In addition, they are integrated with other services through Power Automate, Power Apps, or Power BI. In this way the data comes to life. However, every product or service has room for improvement and Lists did not have the ability to comment from Teams.

Microsoft Lists will now sync comments to Teams

The Redmond Giant has announced that will bring the ability to comment on Lists to Microsoft Teams. The feature is currently only available on the web and interaction with the content was lost.

The users will be able to view, delete, and add comments to a list item within Teams. Comments will remain regardless of whether they are opened in SharePoint, Microsoft Lists on the web, or Teams.

The comments will be available to anyone who collaborates on the List in question within a Teams channel allowing them to add or view the comments. These comments remain with the list item and can also be viewed in Lists on the web.

If we are mentioned, or we mention someone we will have a notification in our email. The person who receives a notification can do click on a link which will take you directly to the list item on the web. Being able to review the comment in context and take the requested measures.

Comments within Teams they will follow the same permissions as on the web. People with read permission will only be able to view comments, while people with edit permission will be able to add or delete comments.

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It is expected that This new feature begins arriving in mid-October and will be fully integrated into Teams at the end of the month. We will see if the Lists and Teams team are able to solve this problem.